Tracking app helps police recover mobile phone and make arrest

Mobile phone.

Avon and Somerset Police are encouraging people with smart phones to sign up to tracking software after recovering an iPhone within an hour of being contacted about its loss.

They received a call at about 12.10am today, Tuesday 4th June, from a woman from Patchway reporting that a missing phone was showing up on a tracking app. Within an hour, officers had visited an address in Bristol, recovered the phone and arrested someone.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Steve Ives said:

“There are a number of different tracking software systems for smart phones, laptops and tablet computers. The technology lets you log on remotely to find your device and I’d strongly recommend signing up. The apps really can help us get your gadgets back – and all the data you keep on it, like phone numbers, photographs or important documents.”

A 15-year-old boy from Bristol remains in police custody.

For advice on keeping your phone and other property safe, visit:

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  1. Great idea I think everyone should have this on their phones but why stop there we need it with all our household items

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