Plans unveiled for new ice rink, ski centre and skydiving facilities at Cribbs

Artist's impression of a proposed new ice rink and skydiving centre at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

Plans have been unveiled to build a new permanent indoor ice rink, together with a skydiving and ski centre, at a site in Cribbs Causeway.

The proposals are part of a vision by the developer, Baylis Estates, to introduce an ‘active sports’ theme to the entertainment and retail opportunities available in the area and make Cribbs Causeway a ‘day-out’ destination.

The new facilities also include a sports store, hotel, restaurant, coffee ‘drive thru’ and car showroom and will be developed on land next to The Venue.

This site had previously been earmarked for the proposed Concorde Museum until an alternative museum site was secured through an agreement last year between the Bristol Aero Collection Trust and neighbouring Filton Airfield owner BAE Systems.

Prior to submitting a planning application, Baylis Estates will be carrying out a community engagement programme, including a public exhibition at The Mall shopping centre on Friday 19th June from 1pm until 7pm.

David Mace, Director at Baylis Estates, said:

“Our ambitious plans for the site include building a flagship permanent indoor ice rink so that residents across the district and the wider West of England area no longer have to travel to other parts of the country to access this sort of facility all year round.”

“An indoor skydiving and ski centre – the first in the South West – is also planned for the site, along with a sports store, hotel, restaurant, coffee ‘drive thru’ and car showroom, which will deliver significant social and economic benefits to the area.”

“We are really keen to develop an active sports theme on this site which links well with the adjoining leisure park at The Venue and will provide important and integrated facilities for the future development in and around Cribbs Causeway.”

A spokesperson for Planet Ice, who will operate the new ice rink, added:

“Planet Ice is Europe’s leader in ice leisure and we are really excited about the relationship between ourselves and the Cribbs Causeway development.”

“The new ice rink will offer some highly engaging and unique opportunities for the local community irrespective of physical, educational, or emotional barriers.”

“There will be a broad range of ice sports available, from ice hockey to speed skating, family time skating, and well-priced public skating seven days a week, plus our ‘learning’ programme where we teach skaters the principle of ice skating so they can go on to enjoy skating more confidently in a safe and fun environment.”

The three political group leaders on South Gloucestershire Council, Cllr Pat Rooney, Cllr Ruth Davis and Cllr Matthew Riddle said:

“We have long supported improved facilities for our residents to enjoy and are excited to hear of these proposals. We welcome the continued interest in investment in South Gloucestershire. These proposals to bring a new permanent indoor ice rink back to the region, as well as building an indoor ski and sky-diving centre deserve serious consideration.”

“The timing of the proposals would also potentially allow integration with the wider Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood, and the council will take this into account when formal planning application is submitted in due course. We encourage residents to give their feedback on the plans to the developers, to help shape the scheme.”

Subject to securing planning consent, the new facilities are expected to open in late 2016.

Source: Press release issued on behalf of Baylis Estates


  1. @canary135 I don’t have kids (or any grey hairs, maybe there’s a causal link?) but I imagine that three screaming teenage brats demanding (“everyone at school will have been”) that they want to go and strut their stuff on the ice is going to be very hard to resist for a parent?

    And very expensive.

  2. most things are expensive for a family but we still pay it this will be no different then taking them to the Vue or to the Zoo

  3. Cavendish Muppet is a right ray of sunshine isn’t he/she ?!

    Still, their posts always make me smile. As Muppets go they most resemble Stadler And Waldorf. This page stinks! 😉

    Stay Happy Happy!

  4. @Patchway Playgirl – sorry if the life experiences I’ve gained from passing through the University Of Life have made me cynical.

    I’ll never use the place so the cost is irrelevant to me; I was just mindful of how much it’ll cost a family.

  5. No need to be sorry @Cavendish Muppet.

    Your cynicism is an interpretation you allow yourself to create.

    All that you perceive is only relative to the reality that you believe to be true. These are just feelings. No harm in feeling them. Dullness, sadness and depression can pass through us like like clouds if we could only just let them, no need to impinge on ours or others happiness.

    The smile we give out is the smile that comes back to us.

  6. Thanks Guys

    If i can make someone happy then my living has not been in vain.

    Co-incidentally i just got home from Glastonbury today, I’ve been going since the Arabella Churchill days, but like Michael i needed to embrace the commercial side too, so i run a stall selling dreams….and Wellington Boots!

    I spend any proceeds on keeping my lovebug on the road, if you see me passing, give me a wave!

  7. I assume this isn’t what’s being built just past the Brunel Ford Garage? Anyone have any idea what that is?

  8. @Pathcway Bloke I believe it’s going to be a temporary secure holding area for category A prisoners whilst they are moved around the country.

    Something to do with being an overspill for the new police HQ down on the A38 next to Patchway Cars.

    If it’s true I hope they haven’t allowed the likes of G4S to oversee the security otherwise Patchway’s “mafia families” (and they know who they are) might well find they have met their match.

  9. @Chris Mills yes I believe you’re right, the person who told me the information I posted was apparently “pulling my leg”.

    Ha ha.

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