Council opens second consultation on proposed highway improvement measures

Double yellow lines and kerb. Photo by Dominic Alves.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has opened a second round of public consultation on selected aspects of a proposed scheme that aims to address traffic and parking issues in the Coniston Road area of Patchway.

The proposed measures have come out of a review of the “remaining traffic issues” in the Patchway area, following SGC’s decision, last October, to keep Highwood Road permanently closed to general traffic.

According to the council, the proposed scheme is targeted at “improving vehicular access (particularly for buses) and improving road safety at junctions”.

The proposed measures include:

  • Extension of the existing 20 mph zone
  • Implementation of new speed tables
  • Amendments to the limited stay parking provision in Rodway Road
  • Additional waiting restrictions to support bus routes and improve
    access and safety

The proposals have been discussed by local councillors, Patchway Town Council, presented at a public exhibition arranged by the town council, as well as being the subject of a five-week public consultation carried out in September and October 2014.

In response to the first public consultation, a number of possible amendments to the waiting restrictions have now been proposed for Bradley Road, Durban Road, Cranbourne Road, Lower Thirlmere Road, Thirlmere Road and parts of Coniston Road and Rodway Road. It is these amendments that are now the subject of a second round of public consultation.

Drawings showing the proposals are available on a dedicated consultation page on the SGC website. They can also be viewed at Patchway Town Council’s offices or at Patchway Library during normal opening hours. The closing date for comments is Friday 12th December 2014.

Depending on the results of the second public consultation and public advertisement of the required Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), the council anticipates that the proposed scheme will be implemented during the next financial year (2015/2016).


  1. The information is readily available for those that wish to be informed.

    I await the usual “I never got nothing through my door” type comments from people AFTER the changes have been made and they don’t like how it affects them.

  2. I’m struggling to square

    “South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has opened a second round of public consultation on selected aspects of a proposed scheme that aims to address traffic and parking issues in the Coniston Road area”


    “The proposed measures include: Amendments to the limited stay parking provision in Rodway Road”

    What have traffic calming measures on Coniston have to do with parking up outside of the Chinese takeaway in Rodway?

    What’s the hidden agenda here?

  3. @Cavendish Muppet – I do sort of see your point but you’d have to agree that in the day time particularly the parking around the junction of the Hub/Firestation etc is terrible. People parking on double yellows etc so that visibility is reduced. It’s dangerous.

  4. @Patchway Bloke – I work during the day so have no knowledge of the parking shenagigans to which you refer.

    However, if you want to talk dangerous parking, let’s start with Worthing Road…..I’m sure the residents in that road get together and conjure up a “let’s see how stupidly we can park” plan every day.

  5. It doesn’t help when most people parking near the Hub and Library work there so take up all the spaces for when anyone what’s to park on Rodway to shop but can’t because the car park or the road on Rodway is full

  6. Also try driving around the street and you will see people are parking on the corners of junctions which is so very wrong and against the law

  7. Ok, The Residents of the roads mentioned in the second round of consultations will get their say. However, why must the changes to Coniston Road wait until 2015/2016 for the urgently needed ‘Road calming measures’.

    I was given to understand that Bovis has already given SGC £250,000 towards the said measures for Coniston Road ( due to the impact of Highway Road being closed to traffic). Even though SGC states that there has been no increase to traffic

    It would be nice if we had an area at The Parade for ‘Short Stay’ parking. This may increase sales at the few shops we have and perhaps encourage more shops to open (Butchers, Veg) . Between the Ramblers Club and the Aztec workers spaces seem to be taken all day.

    Perhaps SGC could ask their employees’ to make use of Public Transport for which Highwood Road was closed. Instead of filling up the spaces in Rodway Road. To the possible determent of the Shops in Rodway Road.

  8. Very good points Diane, particularly about SGC employees and their parking and car reliance….

    Ironic that the three wise monkeys of SGC transport and planning Allinson Hockey and Hutchinson are telling us all to walk or cycle to avoid the forthcoming chaos we will have here with the new estates and thousands more cars. I wonder when the last time they did so themselves looking at the state of them, Brian could give Eric Pickles a run for his money in the obesity stakes, and he’s SGCs cycling champion too! Might be a good idea to add pavements to the roads for us to walk on too, given the mess in planning of Hayes Way.

    Elsewhere in other comments, As for driving to Spar to shop, surely you can walk from Callicroft, or wherever on the doorstep, if you are doing more than an essential basket shop at Spar then you are being ripped off and should Shirley be shopping at Waitrose if you can afford that.

    SGCs utter failure to grasp or resolve current complaints and failings in the area and its infrastructure gives absolutely no confidence in their future planning, chaos is coming, and if you want to prepare for that it’s best you get out of your car and practise excercise now, walk to Spar and local amenities, to be fair we have to give up our reliance on the car, too many people too many cars, something’s got to give and it starts with you and me.

  9. The Spar isn’t always dear to buy things this place isn’t meant to be for doing your weekly shop it’s just a local shop for things we might forget or need quickly so please don’t put people of going to this shop Waitrose isn’t that good I have shopped there in Henleaze
    And I think yes most of the traffic problems are down to All of us because we don’t like walking anywhere if it’s more than a few 100 yards away ( me included ) yes they are building more houses which we do need so it can’t be helped so there will be more cars about,also when the new station is opened on the Old Airfield ( filton North) that will be great benefit to everyone that works around the Bristol/ South glous area

  10. When (if) the new station opens at Filton North, or whatever name is in vogue at the time, longer distance commuters will still need to get to Bristol Parkway (or Filton Abbey Wood) as it is almost certain that there will be no direct trains to London, Cardiff or Birmingham – and yes there are regular commuters using all three services.

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