Filton Airfield development plans submitted

Filton Airfield redevelopment: Aerial view.

A press release from the potential developers of the site.

Following nearly a year of consultation with local people, BAE Systems and Alder King have submitted a planning application for the redevelopment of Filton Airfield. Developing the site would create around 9,000 jobs and vital new community facilities serving the wider community.

It would bring two new primary schools, a new secondary school, a community and health centre and a wide range of new homes. This application comes shortly after the Bristol Aero Collection Trust submitted its plans for two new museums on the site, to celebrate Filton’s aero engineering heritage.

Lloyd Burnell from the Bristol Aero Collection Trust said:

“We are very happy that the new Bristol Aerospace Centre is part of this site. With the newly planned schools and communities, the museum will help local people become inspired by Filton’s past and present engineering excellence and achievements in aerospace, including its pride and joy – Concorde.”

“BAE Systems is providing the land for free as well as making a significant contribution to overall project . There has also been a huge amount of support for the museum so we look forward to being able to start building next year.”

John Benson from Alder King said:

“During our consultation, people told us what was most important to them – heritage, jobs, transport and community facilities. 95% agreed with the plans to celebrate heritage, not only through the new museums but also through naming the site, roads and buildings after famous people and planes from the past. We will continue to work with local groups to do this and will call the employment area ‘Concorde Park’ in line with the public vote.”

“People also asked us if we could help local people to get the new jobs created. To do this, we have committed to regular skills and training meetings with South Gloucestershire Council and the local colleges to identify what training is needed to make sure local people are in front of the queue.”

Sara-Jane Watkins, Vice-Principal of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College said:

“Our students took part in the consultation on the airfield and made it clear that jobs were their top priority. By taking part in a skills and training body, we can see what jobs will be required and make sure local students are ready to fill them.”

Transport was also picked out as a concern, with many talking about the impact of new homes and employment on traffic. The Filton Airfield development – along with other developments in the area – will be making a £60 million contribution to improving roads and transport plans currently underway by South Gloucestershire Council, as well as providing a dedicated route for the MetroBus through the site. It will also be providing space for a new railway station, which would be part of the Henbury line proposed for the area.

Alder King and BAE Systems are also working with the Great Western Air Ambulance and National Police Air Service to identify a permanent site for them. All parties are committed to finding an appropriate site that allows them to continue operating their essential helicopter services for the Bristol and wider area.

Image: Artist’s impression of the proposed redevelopment scheme for the Filton Airfield site (viewed from the east). The A38 runs across the bottom of the image, with the (now demolished) Rolls-Royce East Works bottom right. A total of 8,100 new homes are planned for the wider Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood and Charlton Hayes.

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  1. You two are funny! Let’s just hope the infrastructure of roads and rail is in place before not after. Even Charlotte Leslie has finally said so, and she’s a Tory opposite to Jacko.. A cynic would say she’s casting for votes in May, but either way, she’s right you know.

  2. @Patchway Bloke – it’s the lesser of two evils IMHO.

    Do you turn the site into a commercial airport with traffic chaos and all the inherent dangers that would entail; would you trust BAE to run a whelk stall, let alone a grown-up airfield? You’d have aircraft pancaking 24/7 (ask the residents of Callicroft who can tell you all about light aircraft pancaking and it being hushed up).

    Or do you just take the traffic chaos and accept that the site is providing jobs and homes?

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