Consultation on plans for a further 5,700 new homes in Cribbs/Patchway area

Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood Consultation (Nov 2013).

South Gloucestershire Council is staging three drop-in consultation events which will summarise progress in the development of proposals for the Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood.

This will be a major new development area providing approximately 5,700 new dwellings, jobs and community facilities.

The council’s Core Strategy long-term planning blueprint foresees the construction of 2,500 homes on the former Filton Airfield, 1,200 homes on land south of the airfield, 1,000 homes on land west of the A4018 at Cribbs Causeway and a further 1,000 homes in other parts of the area, including Patchway Trading Estate.

The development will take place over the next 10-15 years and it is additional to the construction of 2,400 homes at Charlton Hayes, north of the airfield.

The drop-in events are as follows:

  • Thursday 7th November 2013:  3pm to 7pm at Clifton Rugby Club, Station Road, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, BS10 7TT
  • Friday 8th November 2013:  3pm to 7pm at Filton Library, Shield Centre, Link Road, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7BR
  • Tuesday 12th November 2013: 3pm to 7pm at the Greenway Centre, Southmead, Bristol, BS10 5PY

Following a period of public consultation that ended in January 2013, a draft development framework, known as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), was “endorsed” by the council and is being used to guide future development. The document sets out requirements which the development will be expected to achieve and a framework diagram which illustrates how it might develop.

Development land within the new neighbourhood is in several different ownerships, and the landowners/developers have submitted their own draft ‘framework plan’, to illustrate how they see the area developing.

The landowners have asked the council to endorse their framework plan and include it within the SPD to guide future development. The council says it is likely to take a decision on whether this should be done on 20th November 2013.

Landowners Skanska and Deeley Freed Estates, who control the land west of the A4018, are holding their own drop-in exhibition at Clifton Rugby club on 7th and 9th November. Details of their proposals can be viewed at:

More information and related links:


  1. Oh, finally you release details of the next big housing scam, know quaintly as ‘Cribbs Urban Village’.. how sweet. The real truth will be traffic misery for anyone living off the M5, the compulsory purchase order of Clifton Rugby Club and a living hell for anyone in Patchway or Easter Compton.
    For gods sake what are you people thinking? If you need to meet your govn targets then go build a new town somewhere else in SGlos, leave us alone, you’ve ruined Patchway enough

  2. 8th Nov 13, today’s traffic chaos will become the norm if plans to build even more houses at Cribbs urban village go ahead… Welcome to the future people, get used to it.. Don’t believe me? Answer this simple question, 2,500 Homes equals 5,000+ More people travelling to work every day on the same roads that cant cope now, has anybody considered where are these people going to work? if it is anywhere along the M5 corridor, or in Bristol, it IS going to be chaos…

  3. @Alun its no use complaining. S Glos council wont stop this as they see things like this as good for Patchway. I am with you in seeing nothing but more chaos like this morning. No use complaining on here either as there are certain people that come on here who will shout you down if you don’t agree with there views.

  4. Dave, Andy,
    I’ve never been afraid of strong debate, so let them shout me down, I have the advantage though.. I am neither a nimby or councillor so have nothing to defend other than truth, and the truth of this situation is we were lied too by the council, they had no intention of re opening the road and I’m going to prove it by a FOI request for all files held on the subject.
    When I find no evidence that funds were set aside for the road to be re-established after the trial I will call for resignation of those responsible.. If they won’t I’ll campaign for their dismissal.
    We’ve been lied too for too long and it’s got to stop.

  5. From a Frequently Asked Questions sheet available at the consultation event on Friday:

    Q17. Why has there been no consultation event in Patchway?

    “The location for the drop-in sessions was agreed at a Member Liason Group meeting as the best fit between coverage and location that could be achieved in the time available.”

    “We’re sorry that we can’t accommodate an extra session at Patchway this time around. However, this won’t be last opportunity to comment on emerging proposals and we will ensure that future events will include Patchway.”

  6. Well, yes, Happy, some of us have heard about it but don’t you think it’s inconsiderate of the Council not to have a consultation meeting in Patchway as this proposal will have a huge impact on us. I expect they are more than a little nervous of visiting Patchway again after the last time but then they accept the salary and the bonuses that goes with it so they should be doing the work for it.

    Over 8000 homes. Perhaps they think if they can send North Bristol into gridlock the city riffraff will be sitting in their cars instead of being in danger of appearing in the countryside and upsetting their way of life. Or do they think that everyone will be getting on the metrolink (assuming this project happens some time in the next century or so).

    I laughed at this bit:

    “However, this won’t be last opportunity to comment on emerging proposals and we will ensure that future events will include Patchway”

    Well, their track record of taking on board comments isn’t all that great; I assume that this consultation like the ones for other changes is to tell people what they are going to do, rather than to have feedback from the affected population and look at how the plans could be improved. I think someone needs to purchase them a dictionary…

  7. I for one did not know about additional housing over and above the airfield development… as the announcement clearly states these are in addition to the 2,400 already planned for the airfield, so where was it advertised?
    Clearly this has nothing to do with meeting govn targets but about making profits on land already owned by a select few, since when do landowners dictate council policy.. who are Skanska and Deeley anyway?
    … There is NO benefit to existing Patchway residents in having these road grid locked more so than they already are.
    SGC I want to see your traffic study on the impact of 4,700 new homes in 2 mile radius of the Mall… you have already ruined the A38 all the way from Filton r/bout to Aztec, add another 9,400 cars (2+ per new house) on these roads and prove to me it won’t have an impact??
    Of course the truth is, none of the SGC mob involved live here, they are either in Thornbury or Yate so don’t care as they don’t suffer like we have too.
    Forget about our local council officials, they have proven to be toothless tigers when it comes to representing the views of the community they live in.. They can’t even get a ‘trial’ closure overturned so what chance of stopping this lunacy.
    I urge anyone concerned to write to the local MP or bombard his offices at Willow Brook Centre.

  8. Alun, bit disappointed to be termed a toothless tiger who can’t even get a trial closure over turned, true, we failed, but not for the want of trying.

    The vested interests throughout your points are the pipers calling the tune, take my seat in 2015 and meet them first hand, I’m a little person who now realises we have no voice here, but you are welcome to try harder and do better, please.

  9. Dave,I think its harsh as well to use the term toothless tiger,as has been proven we were all just powerless to to overturn this decision,but at least we tried and gave SGC a run for their money.
    I have followed your comments on these threads and they have been a voice of commonsense and reason,well argued and debated,fair play you tried your best,sorry it did not work out,to me it seems you are far to decent a bloke for local politics,one day these cheats and corrupt backstabbers will get found out………..I hope

  10. Cheers Ray, yes, toothless tiger(!), hand wringer(!), I dunno… 😉 we know it’s a thankless task but I sleep at night knowing I did my best, I’m no saint but I’m not a sinner either, and I too live in hope there is some kind of karma in this life where these people get there just desserts! I try my post on these forums to give an insight into what goes down, many elected people avoid them so as not to give oxygen to some so called anonymous trolls but I like an open debate, if I think I’m right I will try my best to justify that, clearly it’s all my own opinion and I don’t claim to speak on behalf of my colleagues. I’ve said many times people should go along and see how SGC operate, and I’m glad people saw what I have seen on many occasions, sadly changing that is very difficult, but maybe people will vote differently somewhere and raise their voices to injustices, better to try and fail than not try at all, we are here because of the people who tried on our behalf in the past, we owe it to them to keep on keeping on.

  11. What will the council do for income when Patchway becomes a ghetto? If the current trend persists, residents who can afford to will up sticks and away to pastures greener – I’ve always fancied rural Perthshire myself. I jest not!

  12. @Happy – Patchway is a place that is recognised as an area that is ‘socially deprived’ so I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of some areas at least becoming less welcoming if I was you…

  13. Sorry I and many thousand would say you are wrong there is about 90% home owners in Patchway. and about 10% renting (from a Housing A Or our Merlin Tenants)
    How do you think they feel (home owners)when you slag of their home and where they live.
    ok there might be some that are on low income or not working but to say its like a Ghetto is so insulting to everyone

  14. Lol I’m a home owner too… and no, I don’t get offended… canary135 didn’t say Pachway is a ghetto, just that the extra houses and traffic is unlikely to have a beneficial effect on the area. Of course if SGC planned it properly then this could be an opportunity to make some lovely places to live, with green spaces, well planned road infrastructure to reduce congestion and tidy up Patchway too… but we know it won’t happen like that. They will just want to cram in as many houses as possible to meet their quota without having to spoil the countryside where they live. Patchway does have it’s problems, (as do most places) but I am very happy to be living here I just don’t bury my head in the sand!

  15. No and I don’t bury my head in the sand also but I have lived in patchway nearly all my life as child and as a adult it will never be as bad as some think it will be yes we have a few rotten eggs around this place that stink and we would like them to go but we can’t have everything ,but no way is it as bad as places like Easton ,horfield,south mead,bedminster,bradley stoke ,little stoke ,
    patchway isn’t a dirty untidy place there might be one or two houses that could do with a bit of a tidy up but other than that it’s clean we don’t have rubbish piled up everywhere cars burnt out .
    No I think it’s ok Patchway and I will Always do

  16. Dave, not intending to directly insult any one person on the local council, more of a collective slagging off… sorry if u were offended being referred to as toothless… I’m sure your teeth are fine and your more like ‘Tony’ the tiger.
    My argument is simple and your response confirmed what I thought.. that SGC over-ruled any arguments presented by the local council officials.. So either they do not care what you say, or have no fears your concerns will amount to anything (hence the toothless phrase).
    Having been a union official for a number of year I know when you are up against it, that just means you bite back harder… even if you know your going to lose, you leave them with a bloody nose…. my understanding is SGC barely had a scratch.
    I’d rather fight alongside someone who cares enough to respond to my heckles than those who quietly agree!!! care to take on SGC together in an appeal?

  17. Ok Alun, not offended as such, but a little disappointed after all that was tried here by many people, but I will never be more disappointed that we were ignored.

    And yes we are continually ignored. This isn’t the first or the last time either. Take ‘less important’ issues like food outlets on Rodway, but important to those battling for a living, and important to those who don’t just want a row of takeaways (or bookies) on both recent applications the town council objected along with the current shops petitioning, however SGC gave approval, it’s unstoppable, the next fish and chip shop is planned for early next year two up from Spar, next to the hairdressers. That’s about 5 in the rank!

    I’m a rep in my day job too, so know all about campaigning and leverage along with collective bargaining and activism, I think we did scratch SGC that night, I take it you weren’t there, if you were there you would have seen that, unfortunately we are up against a pretty immovable ConDem majority who really don’t give a damn.

    I do care enough to respond, the next stage has begun, BUT it’s being driven by Chris Jenner of Patchway Community Work up at Southern Brooks, working in tandem in particular with Sam Scott, Patchway’s town and district councillor, if you wish to join in and help then both can be contacted via the council offices or Southern Brooks up at the Coniston Community Centre, the next stage involves the Ombudsman and legal advice with the council about judicials, I can’t say much more.

    A couple of us have been side tracked with illness recently which is why I’m glad Chris and Sam are taking the lead, on top of which I’m leaving the council anyway, but will be around in the meantime for when I’m needed.

    I wish I could say and do more, I wish it was simple, but it isn’t and my time involved has been a massive disappointment to me too, I have lost a lot of belief in how things are carried out and so called democracy, things should have been different, but I live in hope anyway.

  18. Dave, I’ll get in touch with both Chris and Sam… Im shocked to hear about yet another fast food outlet on Rodway… As a contractor I worked all over the uk and often stayed in the cheapest digs usually in pretty rough areas, one of the signs I noticed of a deprived area is a glut of takeaways.. all they need is bloody massage parlour and that’ll be it.
    That’ll be a big draw for rats, if it isn’t already.
    Can you imagine Thornbury High St going the same? SGC are guilty of nimby’ism for sure.

  19. I have just been reading comments regarding a new takeaway on Rodway road.
    The government has spent thousands of pounds on education on diet and how obesity is costing the NHS millions of pounds in treatments, Yet here we are with the local government council encouraging those in a deprived area to eat in a way that will in the long run cause obesity and ill health,,,,,, way to go SGC.

  20. Indeed indeed Alun And Gary.

    Just a final word, as I’m sure people are fed up with me on here all the time, and I’m fed up with me too(!) but talking of the ability to take action at work is the collective strength of withdrawal of labour if need be for a sense of fair play, I guess the alternative use of collective strength here could be the collective mass withdrawal of paying council tax, if enough people did it that is a massive loss of cash flow to the councils, they would soon be in trouble, I know it’s not strictly legal and would lead to action, but with the support of ALL your neighbours in Patchway then you wouldn’t be alone… Just a thought… Would create mass attention in seeking review… They don’t like it up em! 😉

    This morning and today is a day of peace and respect in Patchway as our Royal British Legion marks it’s own Remembrance Sunday, soon starting with a march from Waterside Drive through Patchway to the Legion for wreath laying. I’m not sure what time the march starts but I will be waiting at the Legion to pay my respects to those who gave so much for us to be here today free to live and free to express our thoughts, we will remember them.

  21. Take a look at this web site,
    Shame we don’t have members on SGC that have the foresight to encourage local business to take leaf from Jamie Oliver’s book. But then that would actually be providing a service that would benefit the people in the community, improve health and education and in the long term reduce the burden on the NHS.
    OR,,, just ignore the voice of the local community and rubber stamp a “chip shop” I’m sure the business revenue will be used in a constructive way

  22. What’s with people like you calling Patchway the Deprived area Patchway isn’t that bloody bad yes we have a few people claiming benefits here and renting from Merlin or a housing A but it isn’t like places in Easton and southmead.i wish people like you would take time to walk around and look at Patchway .
    I’m sick and third of people trying to put down Patchway like this .
    And the take away that you are talking about has been open for a few weeks already and when I have gone passed it looks empty I don’t think it will last like that

  23. Happy,
    I see multi million pound investment taking place in the SGC area, yet the historical patchway area, compaired to other loacl towns within the SGC area is deprived of that investment.
    I have lived in Patchway since 1999 on Rodway road, the parade of shops serving the local community has slowly eroded into fast food outlets, which as you say are empty most of the time. So why are they given permission to open ????? Would it not be more beneficial to the local community for SGC to encougage an outlet that would enhance the area ?

  24. Yes I agree with you we need more than just fast food outlets on Rodway road
    But people do use them all the time so there must be call for them (I was talking about the new kebab shop not being busy )
    What do you think we need at Rodway I would love to know we have a chemist ,a hardware ,two betting shops,Spar,undertakers,and then a selection of fast food out lets .
    So what do you think we need

  25. @happy “i wish people like you would take time to walk around and look at Patchway”

    Yes, I wandered down from Cavendish yesterday on my way to Aztec West to be confronted by about a dozen police officers all wearing rubber gloves and searching gardens.

    It transpires someone got stabbed in Bradley Road on Friday night?

    I’m as loyal to Patchway as anyone who posts here but facts are facts – we’ve had murders and stabbings over the last couple of years, it’s gone downhill faster than an Olympic tobogganist on amphetamines over the last ten years.

  26. Yes I do know about that yesterday it was people from outside the area that have just moved into Patchway and have caused nothing but problems since they have been here .
    Yes we have had three bad murders two domestic and an old man that hadn’t lived here that long kill his home help,yes that is terrible but don’t paint everyone like those people most people are ok you have a few that make it bad for the most .
    I would rather live here than places like Easton,southmead,little stoke ,stoke,Gifford ,horfield ,Bradley stoke,all these places have had curfews over the years ,Patchway has never had that so it can’t be that bad .
    But people will think what they like it doesn’t seem to stop people from moving into Patchway thought does it

  27. Rodway Road shops are a joke. They aren’t the only rank of shops in the world (or in even in Patchway) that have too many take aways, but it’s a disgrace of town planning etc that there are so many.

    I remember the halcyon days when Rodway had a butcher, baker and so on.

    Sad that the good people of Patchway eat so much takeaway to be honest. It is a sign of a deprived area when there are 5(?) takeaways, two bookies and an off license as the main shops.

    I try to support local shops and buy cards in ABC store etc, but it seems not enough do (or there is more money in fish and chips….).

  28. @Happy, the only shops I’d say have any “community merit” on Rodway Road are Spar/Post Office, Hairdresser, Co-op Funeral care, Pharmacy and to an extent Cyclops. The rest don’t.

    I’m well aware that there has been a bookies on Rodway for 25 years at least, and the chinese chippy I too used as a kid, but frankly there is just too much c–p there now.

    The economics probably suggest that all that “pays” now is fast food outlets. Thus asking what we need is a bit moot. I’d like to see a decent bric a brac/hardware store (but then we had Smiths, and to a lesser extent ABC) and they are no more.

    That 50K to regenerate the are is looking a bit stingy now. You can’t polish a t— and all that.

  29. ABC are going because the lady is retiring no other reason than that .
    People like to get most of their shopping under one roof ,you go anywhere in the UK and around the world and you will find shops just like these fast food or cafés or Restaurants everywhere

  30. Central government continually provide us with information on the “cost to the tax payer” for treatment due to poor diet and obesity, alcohol related illnesses.
    How poor diet can influence consecration and learning ability in children.

    So,, Town planning are just providing long term employment for those working in the NHS and special services.
    Without chip shops, off licences and bookies, how are we going to create the social depravation required to maintain these services ?

  31. Happy, I don’t think Patchway is a deprived area, but it is in danger of becoming one.. I believe if you set the tone it encourages an area to follow suite.. Patchway people deserve better than this, we’ve lost our only pub, the legion is dead most nights, and now fast food outlets outnumber mainstream shops. My point was this, if you go to any area with social problems you will find the following out number all other shops.. Bookies, Takeaways, hairdressers, off-licenses .. it’s about social planning and trying to improve an area.. What we need are things like a Butchers, a Bakers, a dedicated Post Office, a decent Cafe, these are community shops, all we have is a Spar which is indicative of cheap. As someone as already pointed out, £k have been spent on the other half of Patchway, new tacky build housing etc.. But if the amenities don’t improve at the same pace we’ll become Southmead vs Henbury.. PatchwayBloke pointed out that you can’t polish a turd, maybe not but you can cover it in glitter.

  32. Pub what Pub if you are talking about the Britania its no lost to any one because that wasn’t a pub but a meeting place for druggies and layabouts a fight nearly every week the police up there most of the time.
    The Legion is a dump it needs to be pulled down and start again then maybe it will be ok
    We have a post office with Dedicated and friendly staff they would be most hurt that you don’t think they are .
    A café was tried many years ago but it didn’t work out .
    There is talk of a Tesco express across the road from the garage maybe that will bring down prices in Spar that you talk about (You do get many offers in spar also they are very good)
    Its the same everywhere not just in Patchway small shops are going out of fashion in favour of big Supermarkets as people want to buy their items all under one roof
    Shops don’t make a Community the people do .
    There is talk of Rodway having a revamp don’t know when but lets hope its done right for once.
    Also I don’t think they are tacky buildings at all ok they are different not my sort of home but many people like them as you can see buy how quick they get sold .

  33. Happy, I could read your posts on here every day, I love the way you answer each point raised so wonderfully!
    I think it then about 2 days later you write it.
    I started coming on this website to keep up to date with news in Patchway after moving in to one of the “tacky” houses mentioned but all this website is, is a place for stuck in the past people to moan about anything new, change is good, and watching everyone shout any new idea down is so infuriating!

  34. My point about the post office is it’s now relegated to the back of shop, not a dedicated own unit… The staff are ok, it’s just unfair it can only find a place by sharing.
    GJ84, I don’t think I’m stuck in the past, I just want better for my new home and family.. I live in a 1930’s build house, it’s pretty solid and I’m sure will be standing in another 80 years, I doubt very much any of the new build (or as I called them ‘tacky’) houses will survive that long. Look at Bradley Stoke, it’s less than 25 yrs old but looks terrible..
    Happy, it’d be interesting to know what percentage of the new build are private owned and how many are landlord/association buy… that may explain why they have sold so well.

  35. Alun go ask at any estate agents that sale these homes and you will find out for yourself
    over 80% are private I did ask that’s how I found out and the rest are other
    yes I also live in a house of that age and they were built very good and solid maybe these wont last as long but they are still good (they have to be eco friendly as well I think )And as for the post office there is nothing wrong with where it is, it hasn’t been relegated to the back as it was never in the front in the first place .

  36. @Gary
    are you saying we should have a Charity shop on Rodway road come to think of it Maybe you have a point there if they do so well else where

  37. Yes, it would give those with things spare a place to give them, those in the area with limited income a place to buy and the money raised woulkd help a good cause, even a local charity cause.. in short it would be, or could be, something that bennifits the locals, eben add acafe/coffee shop

    But,, charity shops get tax breaks a reduced buiness rates !!! can see SGC gooing for that !!!

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