Barratt Homes set to launch soon at Charlton Hayes

The Barratt Homes development at Charlton Hayes, Patchway, Bristol.

Barratt Homes is inviting potential buyers to register their interest in new homes it plans to build at the Charlton Hayes development in Patchway.

In a deal signed in December last year,  Barratt David Wilson acquired part of the site from lead developer Bovis Homes.

The land acquired by Barratt lies in the eastern part of the Charlton Hayes site, in the angle formed by Callicroft Road and Gloucester Road. It has outline planning permission for the construction of 273 new homes, with full (reserved matters) permission recently being granted for 46 of those.

Potential buyers can register their interest now ahead of the official launch of the two, three and four-bedroom homes.

Barratt Sales Director Andrea Pilgrim said:

“From young professionals and first-time buyers to growing families, Charlton Hayes really will have something for everyone.”

“We can’t wait to show potential buyers everything on offer at this outstanding new development. Anyone interested in moving to this impressive new development should register their interest now to be invited to the launch event and receive information about available homes.”

To register, call 0844 811 1855 or visit the Charlton Hayes page on the Barratt website.

The deal to sell the land was brokered by land agents CJH Land, based in Flax Bourton.

CJH Land Director Chris Glover said the eight-figure deal at Charlton Hayes was part of a renewed enthusiasm for land buying by new home providers, who are encouraged by sales being achieved.

Speaking about the deal earlier this year, Mr Glover said:

“Increased on-site activity in the housing sector in the first weeks of 2012 suggests the major housebuilders are adjusting their portfolios to obtain traction despite the difficult trading conditions.”

“This site was offered to the market on a discreet basis with the strict instruction that the transaction must be completed by Christmas 2011. We managed the entire marketing process in a restricted period of time and achieved four unconditional proposals for the land.

“We are seeing a lot more activity in the sector and are encouraged by the levels achieved on this high profile site. The figures are not far off the highs achieved in 2007 – before the downturn.

“While trading conditions remain tough house builders are reporting increased traffic in their showhomes and are seeing a better quality of buyer coming forward.”

Mr Glover said national housebuilders were now looking to the future seeking different ways to press ahead with development despite the downturn.

“This could mean proceeding with ten smaller deals rather than one big one, which is broadly what has happened here.”

Patchway Town Council has asked that Barratt David Wilson incorporate a shoppers’ car park into it plans for the site, in the area behind the Kwik Fit garage, to serve the shops and business on Gloucester Road.

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  1. Hope this new devolpment has little intrest Thanks to Bovis and Barret Patchway is being cut in half with the closure of Highwood what does Mr Glover mean by saying a better class of buyer comming forward????? he sounds a bit stuck up and pompus to me

  2. Rubbish its not being cut in half thats just the NIMBYs trying to scare off people from buying a home on Charlton Hayes and moaning about the road (Highwood road )being less busy and they have to drive a couple of minutes more to get to their homes NIMBYs complaining as they do about any thing new .
    I should know i live in Patchway its going to be brilliant when its all built

  3. It’ll be good if they have to allow a FREE parking area behind Kwik Fit – it’s always a nightmare to try and get a space to use the local shops/banks on Gloucester Road in the day time.

  4. @Neighbour – I agree, this “Patchway will be cut in half” line annoys me too. The crux is that people on some roads will have to drive further (that includes me as it goes) to get to the Mall/Cribbs Causeway.

    I’m all for the new development/Police Station etc – after the opening of the new hub/library it’s good to see BIG investment being made in Patchway as a whole.

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