Patchway groups benefit from The Mall’s charity fund

Charity representatives at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

Thanks to the generosity of its shoppers, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway has been able to donate £10,000 to local charities and community groups, including three that are based in Patchway.

Charities were invited to a Fountain Fund Tea Party at The Mall last month, to celebrate the donations.

Maria Crayton, Head of Marketing at The Mall at said:

“Every coin dropped into The Mall’s Fountain is collected and counted and this year we’ve been able to donate £10,000 to local charities. It’s a real delight to be able to make a difference in the local community. It’s great to be able to make sure that all of the money dropped into the fountain over the year by shoppers goes to such good causes.”

Charities can apply to receive a grant via the Fountain Fund page on The Mall’s website. Since it started, ten years ago, The Mall’s Fountain Fund has donated over £100,000 to local good causes.

Patchway groups that have benefited from the 2012 awards are:

Patchway Centre Pre-School, which will use its grant of £1,000 to purchase safety mats for the 2-3 year old’s room, for the children to roll and jump, and to place around the slide. The centre would also like to purchase coat trolleys.

Amberley Road Church Women’s Group, which supports older, local, women by running social activity sessions. The group would like to use its grant of £698 to pay for speakers, outings, craft materials and other social activity expenses.

Patchway Community Centre is an old but very busy community building. The regeneration project will carry out works to ensure that the building is a safe and welcoming place for the local and surrounding communities. With 27 original 1940’s single glazed windows around the building, Patchway Community Association would like to use their £1,000 grant to replace two more of the windows in the room that hosts the luncheon club for the elderly, Alcoholics Anonymous, PHAB and keep fit for the disabled.