Last chance to comment on Coniston Road zebra crossing proposals

Cycle crossing point on Coniston Road, Patchway, Bristol

Today (Monday 20th) is the last day for residents to comment on plans by South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) to install raised table zebra crossings at two locations on Coniston Road.

The Council wants to upgrade existing crossing points near Waterside Drive and Martin Close that were originally installed as part of the Cycling City Route 4 (Cribbs Causeway to Bradley Stoke) in 2010/2011.

The alterations are needed, says the Council, in order to “improve the safety of existing uncontrolled crossing points”.

Concerns over the safety of one of the crossings were voiced at a recent meeting of Patchway Town Council, where one Councillor reported that there had been a number of accidents involving cyclists at the Martin Close location.

Another Councillor, Brian Hopkinson, urged his fellow Councillors to fight for light-controlled toucan crossings in preference to the zebra crossings being suggested by SGC.

The existing crossing point near Waterside Side is already a raised table and it is proposed that zebra crossing features are added, while a new raised table and zebra crossing are recommended for Martin Close.

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