Allotment society seeks helpers for disabled project

Pretoria Road allotments, Patchway, Bristol

Pretoria Road Allotment Society is seeking volunteers to help with a worthwhile project that will benefit disabled gardeners in Patchway.

The society has raised £3,700 to install six raised beds that will be easier for disabled people to access (including those in wheelchairs) and it now needs volunteers to help build the frames and fill them with soil.

The work is scheduled to be carried out next weekend (15th/16th October) and anyone interested in lending a hand is ask to contact Chair Chris Mills on 07975 890591.

Money for the scheme has come from Merlin Housing Society’s HRA Fund (£2,000) and the Co-Operative Group’s Community Fund (1,700).

The society already works with one group of disabled people in Patchway and says it is looking to forge relationships with others in the area.

Other community groups that the allotment society works with include the 2nd Patchway Cub Scouts, who have a plot on the Pretoria Road site, and the local Dreamscheme project, whose young members recently decorated the inside of the shed with a mural, after a group of volunteers had turned it into a meeting room.

Mural at Pretoria Road allotments, Patchway, Bristol

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