Rodway Road post office to be refurbished and offer longer opening hours

The Spar store and Post Office in Roadway Road, Patchway.

Patchway Post Office, in Rodway Road, is to be changed into a new ‘main’ style branch that offers some services over extended opening hours.

The post office will close for refurbishment at 5.30pm on Monday 1st September. When it reopens ten days later, at 1pm on Thursday 11th September, the branch, which is located inside the Spar convenience store, will have been transformed into an open-plan branch with four serving positions. These will be a mixture of one screened, two open-plan and a Post Office serving point at the Spar retail counter, which will be available throughout the store’s opening hours offering selected services.

The same wide range of products and services will still be available at the post office counters during regular hours (9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1.30pm on Saturday).

During the period of closure, customers can use other Post Office branches in the local area, such as Little Stoke (8 Kingsway, Little Stoke BS34 6JL) and Filton (2 – 3 Church View, Filton BS34 7BT).

Post Office Ltd’s Area Manager Adrian Skinner said:

“The change to this branch is part of a three-year investment and support programme, the largest in the history of the Post Office, which will see around 6,000 branches (about half the Post Office network) converting to new ‘main’ or ‘local’ style branches.”

“Our aim is to create a more modern and convenient retail experience for customers that will include longer opening hours.”

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  1. So we had a post office on patchway roundabout that they closed as it wasn’t needed and now we have spar turning into the post office from patchway roundabout, something tells me people that make the decisions don’t know what they are doing.

  2. the post office that closed at the roundabout was private and nothing to do with the royal mail when the owner sold up no one wanted to take it on

  3. Excellent news for the people of Patchway, the Post Office is an important service for the community and I’m pleased to see that it is being used and thus needs to be extended.

    It would appear the Highwood Road doom mongers were wrong about Rodway Road dying after all then!!! Sorry couldn’t resist that.

  4. I know “Happy”. I try to support local shops as much as is feasible. I use the Post Office at least once a week.

  5. Have you used the new chip shop yet on Rodway road im not really a chip person myself but we did try them last week and they were very nice indeed
    the only shop I think needs sorting out is the one that used to be a wool shop the walls look like they are about to fall down the window needs fixing after a car drove into it this shop looks a disgrace the lady that owns this shop doesn’t seem to care.
    There is also meant to be big plans in the pipeline for Rodway road and the shops.
    So lots to look forward to.

  6. No I haven’t used the Chippy there yet, although I did try the one that has opened next to Flingers on Gloucester Road. That was also quite good so will probably use it once a month or so as a treat.

    I agree about the Wool shop, but I assumed there must have been an underlying reason as to why it’s been closed/empty for so long.

    I think a general sprucing up of the area (and something to improve parking ideally) would definitely help the area.

  7. They have tried to Compulsory Purchase the wool shop but had no luck yet ,she cant be making any money she must be paying rates so whats the point .
    have heard a few bad reports of their chips at the chip shop by flingers but will have to try myself to comment further

  8. To be fair the Chippy there has only been open for two weeks! Chips were not greasy and were fresh but in truth maybe not quite hot enough.

    Interesting to hear about the Wool Shop though. Going back on the topic of Rodway Road – if that grant money is spent to spruce it up a bit, it will be a massive eye sore to have that effectively derelict shop sat right in the middle of it.

  9. Perhaps the ‘derelict’ shop could be opened as a greengrocers – the selection in Spar isn’t all that great most of the time. Radical move indeed, but the one we did have years ago was excellent.

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