Another £50,000 allocated for regeneration of Patchway town centre

Artist's impression of a regenerated Patchway town centre (Rodway Road).

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has announced the award of £50,000 to the Patchway Town Centre Group as a contribution towards a large regeneration project to improve the shopping area at Rodway Road.

The money has come from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF), a government funded project running across the West of England that aims to increase sustainable travel.

The aim is to create a positive urban space for the residents of Patchway and Charlton Hayes that is easy to access by bike and on foot and includes more greenery, and improved seating, signposting and paving.

The working group has been meeting regularly and the above vision of how Rodway Road might look has been created by an architect who is a resident of Charlton Hayes.

£50,000 of funding had already been secured for the project through SGC’s New Homes Bonus grants scheme, allocated through the Southern Brooks Area Forum in February.

Local South Gloucestershire ward councillors Eve Orpen, Sam Scott and Keith Walker said:

“Our aspirations for a fully recognised Town Centre for Patchway’s new and existing communities are one step closer as a result of this funding. It is vital to support local shopping areas in these tough times, and alongside the planned Community Centre redevelopment, securing the local Post Office and the opening of the Hub, this funding will help meet the needs of current and future Patchway residents. We pay tribute to all those in our community who have been involved with securing these funds.”

Speaking about the award of a total of £600,000 of LSTF grants across South Gloucestershire, Cllr Brian Allinson, Chair of SGC’s Planning, Transportation and Strategic Environment Committee, said:

“This funding comes as welcome news and will further improve sustainable transport facilities in South Gloucestershire. This additional funding boost will deliver improved road safety around schools, better cycling facilities at a range of locations and adapted equipment for use by people with disabilities, providing a sustainable travel legacy for generations to come.”


  1. It’s about time Patchway had a bit of money spent on it and got a bit of a tidy up! I have lived here for 17 years and in that time i feel the area has gone down hill in many ways. Alot of the shops on Rodway Rd are very unappealing and are in need of a revamp! The local roads are in a terrible state.. The new Hub building is very out of place,and i won’t even start on the new housing development and road network! Not loving living in Patchway at the mo!

  2. I agree with E harris living at the top of Patchway I was a regular shopper in rodway Road but it is easier to go to ASDA than driving down conniston and going through the back streets to get there


    that would help the shops more I think

  3. Surely the money would be better spent on re-opening Highwood, which would in turn bring more people to the local shops and then help with the economy?? I hardly use the shops in Rodway nowadays because it’s a nightmare getting to them dodging all the traffic on the rat runs!!

  4. The People saying “Open Highwood Road” on this thread are beyond belief.

    Save that tedium for where it’s merited please.


    I think it’s good news that some money has been allocated to the area as it does feel very run down and shabby (albeit far better than the parade it has to be said)…

    However, SGC etc have hampered Rodway Road by allowing it to become a proliferation of takeaways and betting shops. I appreciate it’s a sign of the economic times, and not just happening in Patchway, but that lessens the appeal of the area as a shopping spot far more than an extra 5 mins in the car to get there.

    Also, I hope there is a provision for more bins/cleaning up of litter etc – again I appreciate Rodway Road is by no means unusual in that it has this problem, but seeing loads of litter everywhere just adds to the feeling of overall shabbiness.

  5. You are not entirely wrong Patchway bloke, but it’s not entirely unrelated is it, if people can’t get there directly they won’t get there at all. That’s how people are, much as it irks you.

    However, a good news story for the area, well done to those who contributed in winning this, as those who do attend meetings are aware of those who put obstacles in Patchway funding’s way.

    Patchway bloke is right again over the Parade, I hope plans for improvement there come to fruition too. We were over-ruled on the latest kebab shop coming, SGC do dictate, same as they are going to dump the funding for cutting the grass verges and bin supply, street care etc etc on the town councils, in a cuts environment the work of PTC and it’s members and clerk is going to get harder and harder, ultimate thankless task, good luck to future triers.

    There are plenty of bins around, for dog walkers and people, however the failing in littering is more behavioural, sadly, people are lazy and care less.

  6. That’s great ,something we do need ,but we only have 1 bus that goes to rodway road .there’s a lot of OAPS in Patchway Who can’t get to the local shops .,the one bus we have is an hourly service, what is there at Rodway road that can keepa person there for one hour SGC sort yourselves out

  7. @kath
    The main bus75 and any other first bus won’t travel down Durban because of the home owners car parked on both sides which made it impossible to drive down without knocking off the wing mirrors of some cars ,so they stopped the bus going down that road

  8. With regard the bus route not travelling along Durban Road. I think the bigger problem is Bradley Road – just look at the “parking” on the bend near the junctions with Durban Road and Coniston Road. The parking at the latter at times is illegal! About time some yellow lines appeared – just for the safety of others.

  9. We need more double yellow lines on Coniston road and get that bl**dy land rover and trailer for the Balloon company moved out of the way that causes a lot of problems with cars trying to pass

  10. The general aprking around Patchway is generall illegal, Happy I agree with the trailor on Coniston rd by falcon drive, causing loads of problems during high levels of traffic using coniston. The one road which needs some intervention is Worthing rd, some parking is unbelieveable stupid and dangerous,god forbid any emergency vehicles needed access some days as they would’t get through. I’ve needed to park before on worthing, left a nice gap to ensure cars could get through, I came ouit 20 minutes later and some berk had park opposite and put my car at risk of getting damaged and there own. Most have garages or carports round the back.

  11. Normally grammar snobs are quite unwelcome but that was brilliant and well spotted by Diane, we were all a bit confused, this column can be quite surreal at times, certainly funny, keep smiling peeps, stay Happy! Lol

  12. It’s been a very strange start to the week so far people smearing poo in offices at Rolls/Royce in whittle house
    Have you been up to see the new plans for a care home in Charlton Hayes about time they had one of those around here and a children’s nursery are in the pipe line for CH also

  13. Yes Happy, I was there at the council presentation tonight, very interesting plans, and a good place to aspire to retire to, particularly like the memory lane idea and help for dementia patients, who knows, If I get to draw my pension I might be able to afford to live there myself one day!

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