Permanent closure of Highwood Road recommended by council officers

Public meeting called to discuss the closure of Highwood Road, Patchway.

A report produced by officers of South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) ahead of a crucial committee meeting next week has recommended that the “experimental” closure of Highwood Road to general traffic be made permanent without further consultation.

The recommendation is made despite the latest public consultation on the closure showing that 89% of 221 respondents were against the scheme.

The news comes just over a year after a 4,137 signature petition calling for the road closure to be abandoned was rejected by a meeting of SGC’s Full Council.

The strength of opposition to the closure from the Patchway public was further demonstrated last week when an estimated 200 to 300 people attended a public meeting called by Chris Jenner, the community development worker for the town. That meeting was originally planned to take place in the cafe at Coniston Community Centre, but was transferred to the square at the nearby Parade shops because the numbers attending were so great (see photo above).

Many people at that meeting complained about increased traffic levels on Coniston Road since Highwood Road was closed in October last year. Other concerns raised include the number of HGVs travelling along Coniston Road and a perceived increase in accidents and near-misses.

In their latest report, officers argue that the volume of traffic using Coniston Road is actually no higher than the pre-closure situation that existed in 2008 (i.e. prior to the opening of Hayes Way, which provides an alternative route between Gloucester road and Cribbs Causeway), although the same set of data does show a 48% increase in traffic between January 2012 (after Hayes Way opening but before Highwood Road closure) and July 2013. They also note that national design guidelines suggest that the road could cope with flows more than four times present levels.

The report says there has been no significant increase in recorded accidents on Coniston Road. There is, however, no data relating to the number of HGVs using the route.

Officers warn that reversing the closure would cost the council up to £1.25 million and jeopardise government funding for the North Fringe to Hengrove bus rapid transit scheme, which is foreseen to utilise the current bus-only link along Highwood Road.

Patchway town councillors and community activists are urging local residents to attend the meeting on 4th September to make their views known. All the places on a small coach and mini-bus booked to transport interested parties to Thornbury have already been taken, but a convoy of private vehicles (with the possibility of car sharing) is expected to join them, leaving the town council office in Rodway Road at 1pm.

The meeting of the Planning Transport and Strategic Environment (PTSE) Committee begins at 3pm in the Council Chamber at the SGC offices in Thornbury.

A message posted on the Patchway Labour Group Facebook reads:

Please also collate any photos, videos or documented evidence of problems with the new proposed traffic flow we are expected to endure.

If you wish to speak there [at the meeting on 4th September], just to say ANYTHING on why you oppose the road closure, contact or telephone 01454 864425.

For further info and to register your ongoing support please send your email address and contact name to

More info: Agenda and reports for the meeting of SGC’s PTSE Committee in Thornbury on 4th September 2013 (SGC)


  1. This is typical of the mentality of politicians at all levels. They smile sweetly on your doorstep at election time then ignore you completely for 4 years.

    It is naive to day that traffic is at pre Hayes Way levels when anyone who owns their front door in Patchway can tell you differently. And it’s not just Coniston Road that’s affected, I’ve seen traffic jams on Bradley Road!

    If South Glos go ahead without a care for the residents of Patchway then I hope this current bunch have the sense to stay away when they want our vote. The whole debacle leaves a sour taste and I wonder who is benefiting the most from this going ahead. It certainly isn’t the residents of Patchway.

  2. Indeed indeed. If voters lose belief in the democratic processes and feel these decisions are predetermined then they will stop voting. After that you then lose belief in the system itself. Unrest may follow. ALL parties seeking to elect an MP for FABS with Patchway voters need to be aware of this. Ignore the electorate and you lose your voters, if you don’t stand up for people when it matters, they won’t stand up for you. It’s meant to be a two way street.

  3. I think it only a matter of time before someone gets badly hurt on Coniston Road. There are HGV driving down conniston rd I have recently seen a lorry do a u turn at the top of Coniston Road and Highwood Road. As much as I would like to go to the meeting I will be at work so unable to voice my opinion but I will not vote for no councillor who supports this road remaining closed.
    Councillors better expect phone calls from upset resisdents about this

  4. Volume of traffic is no higher…..then employ someone who has all their faculties , everyone in Patchway can see and hear the extra volume . i live in Hawthorn Close, and we put up with lorries and they back up in the road aand generally use my drive in space to turn back out,and extra traffic looking for a short cuts,you say the road can cope with 4 times the the present levels ,heaven forbid.
    The roads are full of holes now, and that’s after the resurfacing in the last 2 years. And the cost to SGC £I.2million it’s our money that you wasted by not listening to the residents, who unfortunately voted you in, but it won’t happen again, as for the RTS, is that what has put Patchway in this position

  5. HA HA HA traffic flows no higher,best one I have heard for ages,and the moon is made of cheese,we are just being treated as morons by SGC
    I refuse to believe a word they say,I never used Coniston in the past but have used four times today alone,therefore I and the rest of the people in Patchway
    have something in common with the SGC officers WE DON’T COUNT

  6. No extra traffic!!! I alone use Coniston Rd a few times a day. because as a Patchway resident I now have no choice!!, unless I want to travel an extra 2 miles each way using the new road that is!! I’m sure the volume of residents alone that do this now Highwood road is closed, will be evidence alone of increased traffic volume.
    No one thought about Patchway residents at all over this closure. The New road should of had the bus development scheme and old road left open.
    While I agree the new road has relieved us of those traffic jam headaches we suffered originally as a result of the Mall traffic a few times a year. The closure of Highwood Road has left all us residents with the daily Problems, headache and heartache caused by the increased traffic using Coniston Road.

  7. If it opens again then we will suffer the clogged up road at Christmas time I for one don’t want that this Christmas was great no traffic problems ,they won’t open the road again as the traffic is fine yes conistion is much more busy but that is what that road was meant to be use for and as for people saying everyone is for it to open again I think you are wrong there

  8. The traffic has definitely increased, crossing the road at the bottom of Coniston Road where it joins Highwood Lane to catch the bus is becoming increasingly difficult in the mornings. It is not possible to use the crossing further down because if you do you have to walk in the road to the bus stop as there is no pavement. Also if you live in the birds section of Patchway you have to travel the whole of Coniston Road and turn up Rodway Road to access the shops there. I dont’ bother any more I go to the supermarket which is not too good for local traders. Not everybody is able bodied enough to walk. Having paid rates or community charge or whatever you want to call it in Patchway for over 44 years I object to being cut off in this way to benefit the residents of Charlton Hayes.

  9. Is it for the benefit of the new residents of Charlton Hayes that you have closed a DUEL CARRAGE WAY. Was it part of the deal to sale the houses, which are far too close to the road in the first place.

  10. Firstly is it a coincidence that the only person in favour won’t even leave their name? Maybe a councillor or similar.

    Anyway, given that the residents of Patchway who live around the lakes and adjoining roads can no longer use Highwood Lane and must therefore go up to Coniston and around immediately disproves the argument that traffic hasn’t increased. There is no other logic capable of proving otherwise. How else would we get to Cribbs? Fly?

    Coniston Road may well have, when it was originally built, been able to cope with 4 times the traffic than it does but I’m sure that was before the speed restrictions and how pot holed it gets. Yes, it’s been recently sorted in places but the entire road needs doing and then regular maintained. Will the council pay for rhis essential upkeep? Additionally, why wasn’t Coniston Road sorted out BEFORE they closed Highwood Lane? Any works on it now would cause even more disruption.

    The argument about Christmas is fairly lame to be honest. Hayes Way will still be available so anyone that wants to go to and from Cribbs from anywhere South of where it joins the A38 will continue to do so. If Highwood Lane was to reopen then it would be predominantly Patchway, Little Stoke and Bradley Stoke residents using it. Sort out the awful signalling and it would not pose any issues at all.

    As an alternative solution and one then why not implement a scheme to allow Patchway residents access to Highwood Lane? Simple tag in the car, read by a Camera or alternative reading device, would show whether car was valid. If people try to abuse the road the same camera would detect a lack of tag and fine the driver accordingly. Could even prove to be a way for the council to make some money back. Mind you, I’m sure Barratts, David Wilson, Bovis etc have already passed lots of money the councils way. After all, the development was started to near to Highwood Lane than was agreed in planning which is why the linear park will no longer be built.

    Just my 2 pennies worth and as I’m not afraid of backlash I’ve even included my real name.

  11. Hopefully my previous message will be published otherwise this won’t make much sense.

    As much as everyone is annoyed about traffic levels on Coniston, spare a thought for those on Bradley and Durban who must be seeing 5 times the traffic going along their roads. Roads which were never designed for that volume of traffic and roads that need serious sorting out.

    Sorry for posting again but I’d forgotten to add it to my previous post. Thanks.

  12. @Dave M
    The linear park is built I walk on it most weekends .
    When they say park they don’t mean one with slides and swings linear means a long straight green area for wildlife and is often built next to highways it’s normally long and not so much width ways.
    And haven’t really noticed the side roads being as bad as your saying

  13. @Anon

    Many thanks for clearing up what linear means, I had no idea 🙂 I was fully aware it wasn’t a play park. Even if the current state is what was intended it still doesn’t get away from the fact the development was started in the wrong place. Why might the developers have done that? Why might the council let them get away with it? Anyway, that’s another discussion.

    As for the side roads, especiallly the ones I mentioned, I can only surmise that you are fortunate enough not to live on them. I find it hard to understand how someone can defy the logic relating to where the traffic that used to use Highwood Lane must now be going. It has to be going somewhere and those places are the back roads and Coniston, neither of which are designed for it.

    May I enquire why you are so PRO bus lane on Highwood Road

  14. I agree with Lorraine I have to use the bus and cannot get across the RD to get to the bus stop, to use the Traffic lights would mean I have to walk on the road. Also has anyone noticed the sign saying it is Patchway 60th ANNIVERSARY this year and this is the way we are treated for a new estate.

  15. @Anon : We don’t need to wait for the meeting next week – the decision has already been made.

    No amount of campaigning/logical argument is going to change the decision. There is simply too much money tied up in this closure – money from the developers and from central government – and that is the ONLY consideration our elected representatives are interested in.

    The only way the council can have determined that traffic levels on Coniston Road hasn’t increased is to have checked at night. It is evident to anyone that uses the road that there is more traffic and definitely more heavy goods vehicles on the road. I’ve even seen articulated trucks turning into Sycamore Road thinking they can get back out onto Highwood Road again.

    So, accepting that the decision to close Highwood Road won’t be overturned I would just like to remind our councilors that it will soon be election time again …

    Unfortunately, I can’t attend the meeting on Wednesday despite having had an invitation to speak there. Like may of us I will be at work – hmm, wonder why such an important meeting was scheduled for mid-afternoon on a working day? – but I wish those attending every success.

  16. @ Dave M.

    I don’t believe that putting my real name on here is really an angle to use to try and discredit my points with. My Email address is my real name, so the editor is aware. That will do for me.

    I said that traffic has been leveled more evenly between Patchway Roundabout and Hayes Way. That’s why it doesn’t get blocked at peak times now.

    People on here were saying that without Highwood Road being open Coniston Road shops would close, school children would be knocked over, traffic would grind to a halt.

    NONE OF THAT HAS happened. Still, you’ve left your (first) name so your opinion is more valid than mine?!? Ha ha ha ha!!

    As for Bradley and Durban Road, I wonder how many people there complained when the 75 service was withdrawn from those roads? They weren’t designed for Double Deckers with that level of parking on them, but that’s an aside just used to illustrate that people only moan when it suits.

    It’s all moot anyway as Highwood Road will remain (rightly) closed, and I’ll enjoy less traffic going past my house 🙂

  17. @ Dave M, my apologies – I now see you were rounding on someone else who doesn’t agree with your view that everyone wants the road reopened.

    Anon is right though. Not everyone in Patchway does.

    Most people in Patchway suffer a minor inconvenience (two miles a day!!! Oh noooooo!!!) – as do I when I want to travel to the Mall and beyond as it was quicker for me too when Highwood Road is open.

    Some people want ALL the problems to affect anyone else, so long as it’s not them. Traffic flow has increased on Coniston, but decreased in other parts of Patchway. Overall the spread is more even and promotes smoother traffic flow.

    I’ll be ignored/shot down of course, but those are the facts as I see them and I live and work in Patchway and use Coniston Road every day.

  18. Unfortunately Anon we know what is going to happen at the meeting SGC are going to close that bit of Highwood Road. They don’t care about Patchway, the ones that voted to close it do not represent Patchway, and so there is nothing we can do at the ballot box to show our feelings. They don’t have to worry about going against the findings of their own consultation – there are not going to be any consequencies for them.

    Meanwhile the residents of Coniston and the surrounding streets have to deal with the problems of being turned into rat runs, which Charlton Hayes will probably not get as it has been designed to reduce this.

    At Sycamore and Baytree we have to put up with traffic turning as they find that the old junction with Highwood Road has been turned into a footpath (although after dark you will see vehicles using the path with their lights turned off… come and look Councillors if you do not believe me!)

    I am one of the many who will not be able to attend the meeting on Wednesday which for some strange reason has been booked for a time when people are at work, or collecting the kids from school. I wish to thank all those who are able to make it and hope that you are able to show SGC what Patchway think of them and their rather astonishing decision.

  19. I don’t mind one way or another what happens to the road , it just means a bit extra to travel what harm does that do to me ,and as for the big lorries once they know not to turn down any side streets that won’t be a problem .i have found the flow of traffic at Christmas around the mall great as no more waiting for hours in traffic when Highwood road was open .
    Also how many people do you think live in Patchway and the surrounding areas because 4000 that want it opened out of the total what ever that is must be a small amount wouldn’t you say

  20. I would like to clarify I was not ’rounding on someone’ but was debating points made and as I have an opposing view it would seem some perceived this in a negative light. Surely as much as one person is entitled to express a view, another is also allowed too. I was just trying to get a few answers to understand the opposing position.

    As for traffic levels around Christmas, Highwood Lane being closed makes little difference. One of the Christmas’ when traffic flowed well around the mall area, both Hayes Way and Highwood Lane were open to all traffic. Given I work on Patchway Trading Estate I am very familiar with the roads around Cribbs.

    An increase in traffic around the other roads is one issue, the extra travelling mileage is hardly good for the carbon footprint (I cycle to work by the way), the extra traffic on these minor roads will lead to an increase in road deterioration which the council seem hardly keen to address at the best of times and finally, who does the bus lane really benefit anyway? Quarter full buses saving 30seconds near Cribbs but undoubtedly still late by the time they get to City Centre. Well worth the time, money and inconvenience the dedicated bus lane has caused.

    @Anon no, me having my first name gives me no extra credibility, I was just being curious why you felt the need to be ‘Anon’ 🙂 No hard feelings. It’s all the joys of political and social debates.

  21. @dave M
    I am not the Anon that your comment is for I haven’t said anything about names and credibility that is someone else you have been speaking to on here ,
    I don’t put my real name as I don’t want to simple as that the forum managers have my email address they know my name if they need to email me for anything if there is a problem .
    I will put Anon 2 so you do not confuse me with anyone else .

  22. Why the rush to make the closure permanent. Is it because Bovis has pressured South Glos council doing the dirty on us early. They know the police would rather it was kept open, saves them doing extra unnessary work.

  23. Well, i agree Sycamore is becoming a nightmare to get out of all times of the day.
    My husband has lived in patchway all his life and he said he has never seen so many car accidents in all his life as he has on coniston road since October, Including a car on its roof, which blocked coniston off . Also a child was knocked down over the summer holidays i undersatand on coniston road. The amount of HGV’s is stupid, how one missed a cyclist the other day i dont know, accident waiting to happen

    Jen my friend i agree with you, the council are very sneaky by putting the meeting at a time when they knew people would be at school and work.
    The councillers dont care they got there money from Bovis homes, we all know they wont listen and i agree whith previous posts dont come knocking on my door for my vote i dont care. go and knock on charlton Hayes doors……ops forgot you cant, as they want to be known as Filton not Patchway

  24. Press release put out today by the Conservative Group on South Gloucestershire Council:

    Road closure row could ‘kill’ MetroBus bid

    ‘Cynical’ Labour Party criticised for ‘eleventh hour change of mind’

    The flagship £102million MetroBus scheme will be risked if a bus-only road in Patchway is reopened to all traffic, councillors have been told.

    Highwood Road in Patchway has been bus-only since last summer on an experimental basis – part of preparations for the MetroBus North Fringe to Hengrove (NFHP) rapid transit scheme and a requirement of planning permission for the major housing development at Charlton Hayes.

    A report on making the bus-only change permanent will be considered by councillors on the authority’s Planning, Transport and Strategic Environment (PTSE) Committee tomorrow (Wednesday 4th September).

    In the report, council officers state:

    “Should the Bus Only route on Highwood Road not be confirmed, the Council would need to return to the DfT [Department for Transport] to make a second change to the NFHP bid. There is no guarantee that the DfT would agree the change request and, in the current funding environment, could remove their support and place the whole project and future funding for new projects at risk.”

    In addition to losing this £102million transport funding, officers have identified a further £1.2m of financial risk if the road is reopened.

    There are fears that – by trying again to reopen Highwood Road to all traffic – Labour councillors will once again risk the MetroBus scheme, which aims to link Bradley Stoke and Emersons Green to the city centre.

    Emersons Green Conservative Councillor James Hunt said:

    “The MetroBus rapid transit scheme is incredibly important for meeting the transport needs of communities like Emersons Green who have to put up with the ring road traffic congestion on a daily basis.”

    “We’re now in the eleventh year of an eleven year scheme to close Highwood Road to general traffic as part of the MetroBus route and any last minute changes could kill our MetroBus scheme and mean that the Department for Transport re-allocates our funding to a different part of the country.”

    He added:

    “I have a huge amount of sympathy for Patchway residents who have been let down by a local Labour Party that has helped along the Highwood Road closure scheme from the beginning.”

    “Patchway residents will be rightly asking where local Labour politicians were when closing this road was first proposed back in 2002 and why a cynical Labour Party has left it so late in the day to challenge it after having agreed with it for so many years.”

    “Having gone along with it for so long, Labour now seem to be saying that the rest of South Gloucestershire should lose out on over £100million of essential transport funding because of Labour’s eleventh hour change of mind.”

  25. It appears that the mayor of Bristol can change the BRT route and even propose to build a new bridge in the centre of Bristol without putting it at risk but according to SGC Tories if we share part of the route with cars it will put the whole scheme at risk, sounds like scaremongering to me

    Chris Mills

  26. The local Labour party have been fighting this scheme and it is the Tories and Libdems who have dumped this on Patchway, even the 2 Tory SGC councillors for the Stoke Lodge part of Patchway voted to close the road, to blame the Local Labour Party is a blatant lie.

  27. I cant see what difference it makes to buses if the road is shared by cars and buses. reopen the road it is what the vast majority of Patchway want. lived in patchway all my life and cant remember being stuck in a traffic jam on Highwood on a regular basis. I always thought the closure was for the benefits of the new houses on charton hayes which was what I was told when I rang the council to object but it looks likes money for buses is a main reason.

    maybe the idiots of SGC should give every resident a free buses pass for life for the grief they are causing us

  28. This is getting way to political now yes I have to agree this was a Labour idea at the time for this road to close all those years ago so trying to blame The other two parties is a bit much, but all Councilors in office now are to blame for not sorting it out as soon as possible rather than leaving people in limbo.

  29. @Nigel
    You can’t have lived in Patchway long Nigel if you can’t remember how the traffic was very bad at Christmas on Highwood road and Coniston when people had to abandon their cars and walk home and pick their cars up later on in the night

  30. Why are people making this closed road sound like its killing people or much worse when at the end of the day it’s a ROAD ,no body has been killed from the close of this road there are plenty of places to cross Coniston safely ,my god there are more important life changing things going on in this world than a road.

  31. Dear Anon2

    One month after being elected to the town council in 2011, the Labour councillors tried to raise Highwood road with SGC officers, they refused to talk to us about it, we have been trying to get this overturned since then, but when the previous 3 libdem SGC councillors supported the scheme its hard to get officers to listen, the only way we can get anywhere is by people power.

    The plans for Patchway and the surrounding area has changed in the last 10 years, this flawed plan has stayed unchanged, the councillors representing Patchway have changed,
    and we now represent the feelings of the residents of Patchway, we don’t refuse to take on the issues that effect people.

  32. How many Buses use Highwood Rd a day ? and how many more cars lorries use Coniston Rd It makes no sense. And as I said before to cross Coniston Rd to catch a bus means to wait ages or walk in the Rd to the nearest traffic lights. You say Coniston Rd is a ROAD I believe Highwood is a ROAD as well

  33. Press release put out today by Patchway Labour councillors:

    Residents should be aware that Patchway’s Labour Councillors (Both South Glos and Town Council) have consistently opposed the closure of Highwood Road. We pay tribute to the residents of Patchway for their involvment in the keep Highwood Road open campaign and urge you to continue to make sure your voice is heard.

    The PTSE committee on 4 September will make the final decision and represents a chance for the whole of SGC to take notice of Patchway. In the few remaining hours you might like to lobby the Conservative and Lib Dem councillors on the committee whose parties have consistently supported the closure. These are: Brian Allinson, June Bamford, Colin Hunt, Carol McCarthy, Katherine Morris & Steve Reade (Cons) and Pat Hockey, Dave Hockey, John O’Neill & Mike Robbins (Lib Dem).

    Since being elected in 2011 Patchway Labour have supported petitions, moved motions and spoken out against the closure at the core strategy examinations, planning committees and full council but have been voted down by the Conservative and Lib Dem councillors. Patchway should not have to suffer because the previous Lib Dem councillors failed to represent their own electorate.

    We know some people are turned off by party politics but this decision has come down to voting on party lines, so we need to force a change of heart from the Conservative and Lib Dem councillors.

    Councillors Sam Scott, Keith Walker, Eve Orpen, Chris Mills, Mike Grotzke, Eric Gordon, Jon Moore, Patrick Cottrell, Elaine Martin, Mark Greensword, Rene Thorne, Dave Tiley.

  34. Third press release of the day, this time from South Gloucestershire Labour:

    Councillors “hell bent” on ignoring Patchway views

    Patchway’s Labour councillors have expressed their anger that councillors from other parties look set to confirm the unpopular closure of Highwood Road.

    As part of a grand plan devised many years ago, Highwood Road was to become a bus-only route once the new Hayes Way link road was built. Patchway’s Labour councillors since the 2011 election have consistently argued and campaigned against the road closure. Despite huge opposition from the local community, which included a 4,000 signature petition, large public meetings and heartfelt pleas to South Gloucestershire Council, councillors from the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties voted last summer to close the road to private cars for a trial period, with Labour councillors voting against.

    Tomorrow (Wednesday 4th), the council’s Planning and Transport Committee will decide whether to confirm or abandon the road closure, and it would appear that the parties will vote as they did last year.

    Local Labour councillor Sam Scott (Patchway ward) said:

    “4,000 people have petitioned South Gloucestershire Council to reverse the closure and nine out of ten respondents to the Council’s own consultation want Highwood Road reopened. Despite the strength of local opinion, clearly expressed, Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors seem likely to confirm the road closure. Instead of listening to local people’s experience since the road was closed they suggest that we have all got it wrong and that everyone’s life has improved. This shows contempt for the Patchway community and can only breed more cynicism about politics and politicians.

    I find it unbelievable that certain councillors seem hell bent on sticking rigidly to a plan that was devised when I was still at school, rather than listen and respond to what local people have been telling them over the past couple of years. The three Patchway councillors elected in 2011 have consistently represented local opinion by opposing the closure of Highwood Road. Labour councillors have voted to prevent the closure at every opportunity since it was put forward over a year ago. Large numbers of local residents witnessed those votes, so they know who backed them and who let them down.”

    Responding to Conservative claims that reopening the road will endanger promised transport infrastructure funding from government, Councillor Scott commented:

    “The agreed transport funding is only at risk if Coalition ministers choose to withdraw it. The Conservatives should be putting their energies into lobbying their own government rather than attacking Patchway’s residents and councillors.”

  35. @Anon: FYI the population of Patchway is just under 10,500 (2001 census) so a petition of 4000 is quite a sizeable percentage, not the small amount you suggested on Sunday. It’s a bigger percentage than ANY of our councillors got when elected and they all think they have a mandate.

    I see we’re into political mud slinging now with the various parties all blaming each other. How typical. In the final analysis not one of these stalwarts of our community will go against party lines and actually stand up for what their constituants want.

    If re-opening Highwood Road might put the money for the Metro project in jeapardy then I say so what? We’ve lived without it so far and we can live without it in the future. In fact this is another imposition on the good folk of Patchway that we were never consulted on … do I see a pattern forming?

  36. Hi Steve G yes you are right to see it as political mud slinging, sadly we are just asserting the right to reply as for me personally that statement released this morning was an attack on me, you, all of us, Patchway people. We have been ignored all along, and yes, never consulted properly. Why oh why wasn’t this detail put out there in front of us all in a full blaze of publicity, instead of it just being at the discretion of the few to inform the many, which they clearly failed to do. I’m a recent arrival to Patchway, and was amazed when I heard they were closing Highwood Rd. For my sins I became a local labour councillor in 2011 and joined in the campaign with the group and you all since then, and 4000 people is a lot of people to be ignored, no doubt some will say the rest are not bothered, unlikely, just not making active their concerns. I see what got said today as the rewriting of history, it’s almost Orwellian, the big cheeses and the big money is being rolled out now, and guess what, those big cheeses are funded directly by the builders involved who donate big money directly to their party, hardly neutral in my view. Something smells here, and it isn’t cheese. I hope large numbers will still turn up and express their disquiet tomorrow, they have to. Having not been listened to previously they will have to demand that right this time.

  37. You both say there are about 10,000 people and only 4000 voted for the road to be open then that means the other 6000 are for it to be closed

  38. BREAKING NEWS from PTSE Committee meeting in Thornbury:

    “The item on Highwood Rd closure in #Patchway has been postponed to a full council meeting as the number of people here is a safety hazard.” (Alexandra Womack, The Gazette)

    “Hundreds turn out to protest about Highwood Rd being closed in Patchway- so many,South Glos council suspend item & call an extraordinary mtg” (Robin Markwell, BBC)

  39. Obviously not interested in continuing as councillors. Its a disaster. Went up there by bus last week and it will not be difficult to just reverse the decision. There are already two lanes (one each way).

    Makes me wonder how much was paid by whom for this decision. Maybe not financially but with promises for things should this be agreed.

  40. Press release from South Gloucestershire Labour:

    Warm welcome for Patchway decision delay

    Patchway’s Labour councillors have warmly welcomed a decision to delay a vote on whether to confirm the unpopular closure of Highwood Road, after hundreds of residents turned up at the South Gloucestershire Council committee meeting due to decide.

    South Gloucestershire’s Planning and Transport Committee was to decide whether to confirm or abandon the year-long trial closure of Highwood Road in Patchway this afternoon. Local residents have strongly opposed the closure, with nine out of ten respondents to the Council’s own consultation supporting reopening the road. There has also been a 4,000 signature petition, large public meetings and previous heartfelt pleas to South Gloucestershire Council.

    However, the number of Patchway residents that turned up to voice their opposition to the closure was too big to fit into the meeting room at Thornbury’s council offices, so councillors agreed to a recommendation by Councillor Roger Hutchinson (Labour, Filton) to refer the decision to a future meeting of the Full Council of all 70 councillors to be arranged at a venue large enough to accommodate the likely public audience.

    Speaking after the decision, Councillor Keith Walker (Labour, Patchway) said:

    “I warmly welcome the decision not to proceed this afternoon. The huge number of people that took the time and trouble to travel to Thornbury has left councillors in no doubt of the level and strength of public feeling on this issue. It would have been quite wrong for councillors to have pressed on with a decision with so many members of the public shut outside.

    We have an assurance that the meeting that will make the final decision will be held as close to Patchway as possible, and at a time of day that is convenient for the public to attend. I urge local people to continue their campaign and explain to the Council the impact that this road closure is having on their lives and on the community of Patchway.”

  41. Thank you to the hundreds who attended today, I was in the chamber with the first 60 who got there early, the figures being quoted are from good sources with our other local media, I will await further reports, clearly this is a big story that has taken aback SGC.

    Anon I don’t assume it’s as simple as a 4000/6000 split, actually I assume nothing, and will just continue to campaign with the many I have met and who agree this decision is flawed and are prepared to do something about it. You and others are entitled to pursue your opposing view accordingly.

    Opposing voices are heard here and at the chamber, they will be in the media too. We shall see where this leads next.

    Just grateful to all who helped publicise today and make such a mass turn out happen, it really is about the will of those prepared to challenge something they see as wrong, over to you all Patchway People, keep on keeping on and we will see what is possible.

  42. Not sure whether a delay is a good thing or not. Gives the people of Patchway more chance to argue against the bus only route and more time to councillors to do whatever they can to uphold an outdated idea. Fingers crossed voices will matter not money or politics.

    As for there being 6000 against, nice try but it doesn’t work that way. In fact, if you work it out on the basis that only a percentage ‘turned out’ to sign it then 4000 is better than the perceived 40%. In elections you’re lucky to get 40% to turn out to express their view in the first place. 4000 from a statistical point of view, given allowances for abstaining etc, would be classed as the popular choice and could be argued as a majority opinion.

    The real arguments are, does the bus only route benefit the residents of the area and neighbouring areas? Love to see any quantative evidence that it does. Does it cause issues, inconveniences and impositions to the residents of the area affected by it? Yes it does or there wouldn’t be a 4000 signature petition and so much argument for it to be reopened.

    Still think local resident tags read by a camera would be an excellent compromise. Maybe small charge levied on tags and camera catching people trying to get through without a tag would raise revenue for the council. Win win really.

  43. Thanks Dave M for his eloquent reply, said it all for me.

    Anon once again you assume, and you assume much. I’m not getting dragged into more on this, but must say your style and debate remind of someone else, just can’t think who…?! Lol

    Been a long day, and I’m off to watch a certain match. Peace.

  44. Dave m it doesn’t matter about the turn out what matters is that 7000 didn’t want it open because if they didnt want it closed they would have put their names down with the rest of the 4000

  45. Anon 2, I’m one of the 7000 who did not vote. This does not mean I want the road closed, it means I didn’t vote. You cannot speculate the opinions of those who didn’t vote, you can only state the known truth, that being that they did not vote. You have no idea what their opinions are.

  46. Have been reading all the forums about this road being closed and there are some really good questions being asked will be glad when we get an answer about what will happen to the road as soon as possible .
    When or should I say if we get this road opened up again will everyone fight for the slip road to be reopen going into Callicroft road !!!!

  47. The editor notes that comments on this article from “Anon” , “Anon 2” and “Happy” all appear to originate from the same person (judging by the email address supplied). Can I ask, once again, that individual contributors use a consistent name within the same comment thread. Thank you.

  48. Anon2, how do you know what they think? Have you asked them all? There are reasons why people who want the road reopened did not sign the petition. Maybe they did not get round to it, or perhaps they didn’t think it would do any good (well most of sgc are still trying to close it…) , they might not have gone to the places where the petition was located, or simply felt there was nothing they could do about it. Perhaps some were concerned about confidentiality as they were asked to supply their address and some sheets were in the shops etc.

    Jumping to conclusions like that is inappropriate. All the petition tells us is 4000 people were willing to put pen to paper to express their concerns. It tells us NOTHING about that the others think.

  49. A fantastic headline and editorial from the Bristol Post today.

    That doesn’t come lightly.

    What a shame that’s being soured on here by Happy/Anon/Anon2… I don’t know if using multiple id’s seeks to add weight to your sole argument, I note you have said the same thing as Lolly60 in the Post too, the jump in your a assumption of numbers from 6000 to 7000 really does give you away, as if we didn’t know anyway!

    The subject of identity abuse is a real issue if its trolling, not the case here but it can be used to hide hidden agendas of course.

    Have the courage of your convictions by being open and honest upfront.

    Anyway, lets hope the Post’s assessment of the situation adds weight to ‘most’ views in Patchway, and on we go.

  50. I’ve got some questions that I think the council ought to answer on this. Do they know the average occupancy of all buses using the road compared to their capacities? I would hazard a guess that it is less than 50% occupancy and if this is the case how can they justify keeping the road closed just for buses when the general public can’t even fill the buses. I ride my motorbike down this road at least twice a day and whenever I come across a bus it is inevetible that they look practically empty. As such how can this be a justification of keeping the road as bus only?
    Another point to note is that on 75% of my journeys down Highwood road I will always see a normal car using the bus lane even though they are currently banned. The last time I saw the police doing spot checks on Highwood lane was just at the start of summer so clearly not a priority for the police! I also use Coniston road when in my car and can’t ever recall a time I have seen anybody checking the traffic levels on this road. I have though seen a crash which I think was only 3 weeks ago when someone managed to hit one of the parked cars near the community centre. I arrived literally minutes after the crash had occured and there was gridlock everywhere which I have never experienced before on Coniston!
    I have also noted a high increase on people turning around at the sycamore drive junction, this also happens on a daily occurance and I know this as I live down there.

    Can I also point out the the speed limit on Highwood lane for the bus only part is 20mph. I can categorically state that whenever I happen to be behind a bus on my motorbike on this stretch of road ALL buses break the speed limit by travelling at least 10mph more than they should be.

    The Charlton Hayes residents also do not come out of this looking rosy. My jaw dropped when I saw someone come up to the left turn for Charlton Hayes and rather than going into the estate to get to the Linear park this particular resident went straight through the traffic lights on the pedestrian walkway and straight onto the Linear park. I just couldn’t believe my eyes when this happened!

    I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who attended the meeting yesterday. I couldn’t make it due to the antisocial time they arranged for this meeting but do plan to add my support at the re-arranged meeting which I hope is at a suitable venue & time.

  51. I believe that the meeting to vote on the closure of Highwood Road was called early due to the new Park & Ride at Emerson Green, which is to be open by November 2013.

    Closing Highwood Road early would give SGC the chance for a grand opening of the ‘Bus Corridor.

    Had SGC not given the first side of the dual carriageway over to Bovis, we could have had the best of both worlds. One side of the carriage way could have been the ‘Bus Corridor’. The other side could have remained two way, single lane way traffic.

    I hope everyone who wants to speak at the next meeting are able to have their say and that they are listened too. Unfortunately, I believe that the Councellors have closed their ears to all of our concerns because of that decision to allow Bovis to build on the dual Carriageway.

  52. Some how the rest of my message didn’t get put on here ,I just wanted to say Dave I can’t help you with the other issue about lolly60.
    You know why sometimes people put Anon instead of their name because you would get to much abuse if people didn’t like your comment am I right on that

  53. To happy,Anon,Anon2 or whoever you are,you devalue the entire thread by using multiple names,why don’t you grow up and have the courage to use one name like the rest of us,how sad that you are afraid of need to grow a pair

  54. @Happy yes I do know you too well, you have a very recognisable style, I could have sworn you were Lolly too as you say the same things, you must have a double…!

    As the saying goes, I may not agree with you but I defend your right to say it!

    Generally you just confuse me!

    Patchway Bloke is the most outspoken chap on here with opinions, caps locks and e’s instead of u’s in naughty words, I clearly disagree with him but again he is entitled to his opinion. That’s democracy, something I feel SGC lacks, we all need to be listeners, again, something SGC didn’t do until yesterday.

    We don’t want anyone given a hard time on here, this is a forum for debate not abuse, and we must agree to disagree.

    I went to a public meeting in Filton tonight which touched on Highwood Road, the airfield and mineral rights too, Tim Shorland was meant to appear but sent a statement and an apology.

    I will give more on this to the editor, and he can maybe verify Mr Shorland’s latest position, for myself I have obtained a UN4 form from land registry to refute his claims, I don’t want any confusion on any future house sales, however, being that Patchway is my very own Royston Vasey, I’ll never leave!

    Evening all!

  55. @Ray
    I normally only use Happy but when I feel I’m getting abuse just for my own thoughts and comments then I will put Anon ,
    how the hell you can say it devalues the thread that is a silly idea it’s people like you for this very reason I use Anon .
    sorry if I confuse you .
    Now going back to the issue at hand I will wait like everyone else to see the outcome of the meeting Which I will attend just like the last two I attended .

  56. @Dave
    Regarding this man on his mineral rights can I send my form UN4 in on the Internet or do I have to send a paper form in

  57. I think you can do either/or, it wont matter, just send in! See what reply you get with your online form, as I haven’t actually done mine yet, I was going to use snail mail but yes it does come at a cost I guess…

  58. @Happy:
    Surely you are anonymous anyway? Unless you are actually called “Happy” in real life!

    @DT: I got the impression from last night’s meeting that there wasn’t a need to refute the mineral rights registration as Tim Shorland was going to withdraw the registration and allow it to lapse anyway?

  59. Thanks Bert. Yes you may be right, however, without being rude about Mr Shorland, I have trust issues with his statements and motives, and take much of what I’ve seen and heard with a pinch of salt. If he rocks BAE more power to his elbow, but his letters here are not welcome and unsettled many, even if it was unintended, and not all his fault. I just don’t want any complications on any future house sales, so I’m going to respond with a UN4 to be sure to be sure. I caught Mrs Tiley looking at properties yesterday and told her nay lass nay, but if she’s planning on leaving then I will have to sell up anyway!! Anyone need a Lodger??

  60. I live in Worthing road.. It’s narrow and all parked either side
    Durban was better but getting worse.. So we got to go all the way around consiston to go to the mall… There will be a bad accident soon as we have seen and been in near misses each travel to the mall ..
    It only take that one mistake and that’s it.. Watch this space…

  61. As most of you will now know the meeting at Thornbury on the 4th Sept went really well with a tremendous turn out of local people. Because of the huge number in attendance the planning meeting has now been deferred; this time to be heard by the whole council of 70 councillors and not just the 14 on the committee. There is a feeling that a majority may be constructed in favour of getting Highwood Road re-opened. It will be difficult because many councillors represent rural areas and have no empathy or connections with Patchway.

    We understand the new meeting will be an evening one, in Patchway, sometime in October. When we get official confirmation of a date from South Gloucestershire County Council we will let people know immediately. We need a big turnout at this meeting as well.

    Mayor Chris Mills has set up an on-line petition. It can be found on the following link:

    Chris Jenner Community Organiser Patchway

  62. I have received the letter from Land Registry today confirming Tim Shorland has removed his Unilateral Notice from my property and ‘title’.

  63. I have just received an email from South Gloucestershire County Council regarding the Highwood Road meeting. I will quote it in full:

    ‘It is my understanding that the meeting will be held at Patchway Community College (subject to final confirmation) on the 16th October, starting at 7pm. Consultees will be notified in the same manner in which they were advised of the PTSE meeting on 4th September.’

    This was sent to me by Paul Johnson, Democtratic Services.

  64. I have to ask – why aren’t people using the new road built by Bovis? I live on the new estate and I find using the new road much quicker than going around Coniston Road.

    Surely the only people now using Coniston Road are the residents of Patchway?

  65. Residents from Stoke lodge, upper little stoke ( to avoid Gypsy patch lane), parts of Bradley stoke and people who live north on the A38,

  66. I guarantee it would be quicker for them to use the new road. I have tried both ways for work and Coniston Road takes too long.

    Once people realise this, and sat navs are updated, the traffic around Coniston Road will reduce and everyone will be happy. It’s just a case of educating people.

    Highwood Road should remain closed.

  67. If only it were that easy. Educating people. Meant well no doubt, but how? This experiment really hasn’t worked out, and I don’t see things changing. People will always take what they see as the easiest option for themselves in life, and the traffic surveys carried out independently by the people of Consiton Road that were carried out at ‘normal’ traffic times bear this out, those coming from the North side of greater Bristol and beyond are choosing the Coniston route over the new link road, many must be doing so as they still naturally head for Highwood and then de-tour due to the closure. Everyone who has calculated their own journey times has based them on their own start and finish points, convenient to them but not all, their personal A to B, clearly this will vary in each individual case.

    On top of that as more and more homes and cars arrive on the new estate then these roads will all be needed to support the infrastructure.

    Aside from the fair but imho flawed points you have made Dan, why in particular do you want it to remain closed? Is there anything else? For myself, I just cannot see a good reason not to re-open it.

  68. Dan
    Many people have said the same thing as you and have got a lot of abuse for saying it even though it is true ,people from little stoke don’t need to use Conistion road at all or people that live in bradly stoke it just means a little bit longer on their journey or people that live north of the A38 .it doesn’t matter what you or anyone else says Dan people won’ listen to reason they just have their own interests on the table.
    Will people fight as hard as this to get the slip road put back in place ????i I doubt it very much because it doesn’t effect them so they won’t worry about it

  69. There has been no abuse just a frank exchange of views. The only ‘abuse’ on here was when your multiple identities being used on the same thread were asked to be stopped by the editor, and someone had a ‘pop’ at you verbally then, I actually defended you then Happy. Your three identities and Patchway Bloke made that ‘many’? I think not.

    I find your views contrarian and contradictory, but am happy to listen, however I strongly disagree with you, I told you that you did my nut in ages ago but we have a laugh!

    The definition of ‘reason’ here is clearly up for debate, but that’s why we are here, we choose to debate it. This decision was made without much debate with the people who are now protesting en masse. They seem to be a majority, but I will stand corrected if proved wrong.

    Your new insistence on getting Callicroft re-opened is a whole different ball game, I will excuse myself from knowing the history of that one as I didn’t live here then, was it massively unpopular with you AND your neighbours?

    All I know is the Highwood closure is massively unpopular with Coniston and many other roads residents.

  70. @Dave
    Sorry but I use Happy and Anon as you well know why ,anyway in not on about that I’m saying about the abuse that might be a strong word for it but people have been spoken down on other forum when thy are for the road to stay closed that is what I’m getting at Dave ,yes we do have very good exchanges on here and we respect each others right to our on views but I have seen on some forums some have been nasty to others on their views about Highwood road .
    As for the closing of the Slip road into Callicroft road no we didn’t have any in put to that it was just closed and taken away when Highwood road closed to cars yes it was unpopular but we put up with it I’m just saying will you all that want Highwood road open campaign for that slip road reinstated also .

  71. Well I’m not aware of any other forums where this is being debated strongly, or at all, I’d like to read those too, where are they? Can you let us know so we can read them too please?

    The only other debate I have seen is on the Bristol Post pages where someone called Lolly who writes in an identical style to you but isn’t you gets similar stick, but no abuse, there was certainly much humour on the petition subject with some very funny ansers to odd reasoning by a Bert to a Lolly who isn’t you but shares identical opinions there.

    As for the slip road into Callicroft, I’m not getting where you are on about in relation to the closure of Highwood, was it a right turn into Callicroft from the traffic lights, is that what you mean?

    If you can clarify that then maybe it can be picked up by PTC, if it’s a natural sid-effect of Highwood being closed then I would hope it would naturally be solved by Highwood being re-opened.

  72. When Highwood road was open and traffic was going down to the bottom ,at the lights at the fire station there was a slip road with a right turn into Callicroft road .
    If you go back Dave and look at some of the comments on any of the forums for this subject you can see all the nasty comments some personal and some political ,even to yourself ,if that isn’t abuse I don’t know what is.
    And as for Lolly I haven’t a clue about that person or someone called Bert.
    But lets wait and see what happens at the meeting about this road I myself don’t hold out much hope for it to be open again but if people feel that strong about it it’s up to them to fight for it with there voices .

  73. I would like Highwood Road to remain closed to general traffic because a lot of work has gone into improving public transport around Bristol and it would be a complete waste of money to change our minds at the last minute. Also, the linear park which Bovis will complete in a few years will benefit everyone in the area.

    It is hard to see how people are speeding around Coniston Road due to the number of speed bumps. But if the problem is as bad as reported by the residents, improved traffic calming measures should be considered. If the ‘rat-run’ takes longer than ‘the way’ people will stop using the ‘rat-run’ – it is just common sense. If you had put the same effort into getting people to sign petitions and attend Council meetings into educating people about the benefits of Hayes Way, the volume of traffic would have been reduced to Patchway residents only by now.

    If Hayes Way is used, the residents of Patchway will be happy, the residents along Highwood Road will be happy, the new rapid bus lane will go ahead and no unnecessary money will be wasted reversing the current plan. Everybody wins. Councillors should think forward not backward!

  74. Thanks Dan.

    Much money has gone into improving public transport, but I wouldn’t say it’s directly related to this decision. There is currently a campaign going on against First Bus and their monopoly, until the bus option becomes attractive and affordble to many then you will continue to put the cart before the horse along with half empty buses. Just read the Bristol Post regularly to get a feel for that situation.

    This isn’t goint to be a continuous bus lane throughout North to South Bristol, so it’s use is tokenistic at best, using a strip of Highwood Lane is not a full blown solution to transport across Bristol. A start? Doubtful, minimal.

    Funnily enough Governments have known since a parliamentary report in 1994 that building new roads creates more traffic, so why buld a relief road then close the road it was built to relieve when history shows new traffic will come, and when future planning also clearly shows more traffic is coming to your new estate and the whole airfield behind you, let alone all down through Fishpool Hill and Henbury and so on and so on.

    I don’t think there was ever any ‘we’ changing ‘our’ minds, remember this was a flawed consultation given to the few by the few. If SGC had consulted all openly at the time then this decision would not have been able to have been made so lightly. Nobody’s changing their minds, this was rejected once people got to really hear about it, leading to the so -called experimental closure rather than proceed in full then.

    I’m sorry you haven’t seen the speeding on Coniston, go and take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

    Please help to campaign to introduce the said calming measures, they will be most welcome in the long-term anyway.

    Common-sense, hmm a rare quantity, but seems to be prevelant amongst the masses and is sometimes lacking in the supposed better educated who so often are complicatedly intelligent and unable to relate to others, they don’t seem able to see the wood for the trees, aside from self-servers and jobs-worths who don’t live in the places they pass or vote these messes on to, don’t challenge and go against the status quo; career, party, and financially damaging.

    Which brings me to the linear park, the grass strip with some trees, as is so often the case the reality seems to differ from a draughtsman’s vision.

    Whilst I categorically disagree with you I would like to invite you to stand for election next year to our town council, there will be vacancies, and you can educate the people of Patchway to accept your way of thinking, and indeed, you can spread the happiness you can see so easily that we are missing out on. You may not mean to sound condescending to Patchway People, so you can attempt to deliver your vision and educate us personally. Win win. I’m looking forwards to that, come and have a go at the ultimate unpaid thankless task, I’m not whinging, I’ve just had enough of it, you can have it!

  75. Dave
    Now now dont go getting all bitter or sarcastic to Dan it’s only how he sees things which seem to be right as far as many can see .
    I love these debates we all have on this issue what will we do when this subject is over .

  76. I’m neither bitter or sarcastic, once again I’m just challenging assumptions, being told how we should be doing things better comes with the territory.

    I was finishing up awhile ago when I realised local democracy, well democracy itself actually – is a lie.

    Money dictates most decisions, and who’s paying.

    As I said, someone else can have a go for free, how about you Happy, we need people like you to offer solutions we can’t solve on our own?

    There are more questions than answers, and more questioners than answerers, not always a bad thing, thinking and challenging should be encouraged.

    At the end of my term I hope I see Highwood Re-opened, and the new build starting on the Community Centre, two things our group have fought for. Couldn’t save the airfield, but two out of three ain’t bad, well, that’s what Meat Loaf said anyway.

    Over to you people, lets have some new blood and new ideas on the council. People who hang around too long can get complacent, comfortable, self serving, or bought off. Discover for yourself which people have which fingers in which pies here, it can make life very difficult to make a difference. You might be surprised…

  77. Dan Eagland Says:
    Tuesday 17th September 2013 at 11:43 am

    ‘I have to ask – why aren’t people using the new road built by Bovis? I live on the new estate and I find using the new road much quicker than going around Coniston Road. Surely the only people now using Coniston Road are the residents of Patchway?’

    As a resident of Patchway I live just off Coniston Road, unfortunately the introduction of the closure of Highwood Road did not it seems have the intended effect as you appear to assume of dispersing residential traffic along Hayes Road. Quite the contrary in fact, not only has there been an increase in this type of traffic, but also there is a noticable proliferation of commercial traffic using Coniston Road too.

    You also refer to better use of public transport, unfortunately however one major bus route through Patchway operated by First Bus Group was terminated as access by their vehicles is restricted by cars being parked on either side of the road. Unfortunately this issue arises not through the neglect of local residents, but instead is attributed to employees of Aztec West using this road as a parking lot to avoid the rush hour traffic on the A38. This is evidenced each morning and as they park and walk along side Waterside Drive and by the decreased number of vehicles parking in aforementioned area at the weekend.

    Indeed this problem also effects the cycle lane put in by the council, for cars even park upon the pavement right on the path where the cylce lane merges onto the road. This only inhibits drivers view and at school times when children use this facility, is a potential accident waiting to happen.

    Whilst your objective comments seem to make perfect sense, in reality the subjective experience of the above has real, unquestionable consequences.

  78. @SSE
    Have to stop you there the reason the bus does not go through Patchway anymore has nothing to do with Aztec workers it is all to do with the local residents and complaints to first bus from them about broken wing mirrors scratched cars and also the bus couldn’t always get passed because people were parking on the street rather than use their garge at the back of their houses ,yes they do use Waterside drive as a parking lot but they pay car tax so can park there within the law.

  79. We live in Baytree and have been completely cut off since they closed the road leading out to high wood. We are forced to drive up sycamore road full of pot holes and the road is an accident waiting to happen with HGV lorrys driving down because sat navs are trying to take them out on the main road. The road isn’t built for the volume of traffic plus you have to keep crossing the road or walk in the road as the pavements are not continuous on each side of road. IT worrys me as small children play around the area and are no longer safe. We are having to put up with residents from the new housing estate parking along sycamore and crossing the road so they do not have to go around one way system which I have plenty of evidence. At night we lie in bed and hear lorries trying to turn around in are road which happens many nights and is often car transporter, Asda lorry. Dfs etc.

  80. Happy Says: Wednesday 18th September 2013 at 6:31 pm

    Have to stop you there the reason the bus does not go through Patchway anymore has nothing to do with Aztec workers it is all to do with the local residents and complaints to first bus from them about broken wing mirrors scratched cars and also the bus couldn’t always get passed because people were parking on the street rather than use their garge at the back of their houses ,yes they do use Waterside drive as a parking lot but they pay car tax so can park there within the law.

    My point exactly. The bus route was terminated due to the bus not being able to navigate the prescribed route due to the amount of parked cars! The workers at Aztec West without question were a contributory factor which dramatically exacberated the situation and their inconsiderate parking on Bradley is still cause for concern (as may be evidenced any work day).

    In response to an earlier post, I am simply observing through direct experience how can you actively encourage locals to use cycle lanes and public transport when these facilities have been and are undermined due to the sheer volume of traffic parked within the area. Moreover, it further supports the fact that Coniston Road is being used a ‘rat run’. i.e. an convenient means for Aztec employees to escape the rush hour traffic on the A38.

    Happy, it is not a question of road tax and the simple equation you assert that this payment effectively entitles them to park legally. Rather, their ignorant parking and the obstruction of road markings leads to a more germane issue, namely that of safety and in my day to day experience these matters have a direct correlation.

  81. It was mostly due to the cars parking on Durban road near rodway shops that was the main issue with the bus company it really had nothing to do with Bradley road and the Aztec workers as was told to me when I rang them up and asked First Bus.
    As Dan has said before when people are educated to the fact you don’t need to come down Coniston to get to places out side of Patchway then it will be a lot better .Its a known fact that Coniston is the main road through Patchway and as so will be used as such it’s because there are so many cars on the road in this day and age and it has more traffic can’t escape that fact .People don’t like change what ever it is .As for road Tax who is talking about that I just said that if you pay tax there isn’t any law that can move a car off the road because we don’t like where it’s parked.
    Why do people keep saying I live etc etc and I’m cut off your not on a island you just drive a bit further and as for lorries now most of them realise they have stopped using the road ok you might get the odd one or two still unsure of the road but in time they will tell other lorrie drivers and the word will spread not to use Coniston .
    I can’t wait for this issue to be sorted out then maybe we can all get back to more pressing things in life than a simple road being closed 16 th October can’t come soon enough for a lot of people

  82. made me laugh today as i followed a lorry from the council ( for line marking) and a dustbin lorry from the A38 all the way to the mall using Coniston road, so even council workers are using it for a short cut. I live of Sycamore so thats why i have togo all way round coniston before i get syned comments back and then had to wait to turn into sycamore as a Foreign lorry was turning round after getting lost.

  83. *raises hand gingerly* ermm guys, the bus service wasn’t actually terminated, the route of it was changed because of the double parking along Durban Road. Access for the double deckers was too difficult and cars were getting damaged. The service was the 75 which now goes along the whole of Coniston Road.

    The road closure is affecting all of the Coniston Road section of Patchway. From Sycamore/Baytree right around to the bottom of Rodway. People from the other side of Highwood Road are also affected. The route to get from them to the Mall is nuts. It has increased risk in several ways as written in the posts already.

    So why not try an experimental reopening and see what happens?

  84. It now looks like the Highwood Road issue will be decided at a meeting of SGC’s Full Council on Wednesday 16th October at 7pm. The meeting has now been re-arranged to take place at Patchway Community College, Hempton Lane. Agenda papers will be published on 8th October.

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