Southern Brooks set to continue supporting local families

Southern Brooks Community Partnership.

Patchway-based Southern Brooks Community Partnership is celebrating the award of new three year funding from the Big Lottery.

The money will help support the organisation’s work with local families and promote volunteering as a way of learning new skills.

Director Julie Close said:

“We are thrilled that we are going to be able to continue to work with families to help them tackle the difficult issues they face. Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with local families and the community – including schools, Churches and other professionals. This funding will secure two full time posts and fund two new posts. One will focus on working with Dads. We’ve just started a new project working with men, called Cook Out and we aim to build on this to set up new groups for men. We’re really keen to work with dads to promote the rights of fathers and their involvement in their children’s lives.”

“The second post will focus on developing volunteering opportunities. Many of our families want to get involved in helping other families. This new post will make sure that they are supported to have a great experience of volunteering. With the challenges that people face to getting jobs in this area, learning new skills through volunteering, feeling that you are making a contribution and seeing the changes that are possible is really important. This grant funding will help us work alongside local families to develop projects that enable them to feel that their voice and contribution counts, to feel safe within their communities and to help people challenge discrimination. People will have opportunities to learn new skills, try new activities and get more involved in their neighbourhoods.”

“Many people contributed to this successful grant application and we really say a big thank you to them – we wouldn’t have done it alone. Working together in the future is going to be really important in making sure that all families that want help, or want to get more involved in their communities or to take up new challenges have the right chances to do that. “