Coniston Road to be resurfaced next week

Potholes in Consiton Road, Patchway, Bristol.

A Patchway road that has been riddled with potholes for years is to be closed for resurfacing for up to five days next week (w/c Monday 18th March).

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has announced that the stretch of Coniston Road between Rodway Road and Waterside Drive will be subject to “major maintenance works” that will involve the planing off of the existing surface of the carriageway to a depth of 50mm and the laying of a new surface.

The work will start at approximately 8am each morning and continue until approximately 4:30pm.

For the duration of the scheme, Coniston Road will be closed and a diversion route will be in place to enable the works to be carried out.

The council says that access to properties and amenities fronting the site will be available at all times and every effort will be made to keep the disruption to local residents to a minimum for the duration of the works.

Alternative routes will be signed for the duration of the works.

According to traffic regulation order notices posted in the area, the diversion route will be: Patchway Roundabout, B4057 Gloucester Road, A38 Gloucester Road, Hayes Way, Highwood Road, Coniston Road and vice versa.

News of the resurfacing will be welcomed by one Journal reader who commented on a recent news article about the closure of Highwood Road to general traffic:

“Has anybody got an off-road vehicle for sale? I need one as I use Coniston Road and my usual car is no longer suitable for that sort of terrain.”

Another section of Coniston Road, between Martins Close and Highwood Road, was resurfaced last June.

The January meeting of Patchway’s Safer and Stronger Community Group heard that SGC has plans for further resurfacing work during 2013/14 in Stroud Road (to complete), Lee Close and Amberley Road (footway only).

Road closure sign on Coniston Road, Patchway, Bristol.

Photo: Closure of Coniston Road for resurfacing last June.


  1. Mel, they might use Highwood Road instead… better check with them.

    That diversion looks like real pain. Still at least we will have one decent road in Patchway!

  2. By the look of the diversion they will run the bus via Charlton Hayes???
    Why they can’t revert back to the old route is beyond me? (Rodway, Durban etc)
    I understand the problem with parked cars at the top of Durban & Bradley, but why can’t they put “No Parking” signs up especially if it’s only for 5 day’s?
    Plus the 365 U.W.E to Severn Beach bus manages to use that route every single day.

  3. I hope South Glos council can afford the money it’s going to cost them to keep resurfacing Coniston Rd and all the other roads in Patchway now Highwood Rd (the bypass, as it has always been known by most people who have lived in Patchway all their lives!) is redundant , what a waste of a road. Most councils construct a bypass to take the traffic from the estate , oh no South Glos does the opposite. Why do the traffic signs just before you turn into Coniston Rd say “All traffic except buses” because sometimes I continue to follow lorries who turn in and not exactly small ones , some are heavy haulage which should have a weight restriction.

  4. finally!!!!! I have a sporty car and that section of coniston is ridiculas, I said when they shut Highwood rd I would mind as much if they actually sorted out the roads in patchway, well i suppose once this is done they only have durban, worthing, stroud, bradley, to sort out (yeah right)

  5. Due to the closure of highwood road. There has been a large increase in traffic using coniston road. This most certainly includes large lorries which would have great difficulty turning into Bradley and then exiting patchway via Durban road onto the section of highwood road that is open for use by us all. Why on earth do’nt the people in charge just open highwood road for the period of the coniston road closure

  6. Why can’t they open Highwood Road again whilst the re-surfacing is being done. We surely haven’t got to drive all through Patchway to get down to the round-a-bout !

  7. It would make sense to re-open Highwood Road whilst the resurfacing is being done but that would show SGC that this road is rather helpful and they don’t want to do that…

    It should have been done before they shut Highwood Road but then they don’t seem to want to be seen as efficient and organised!

    Most of the roads in Patchway need resurfacing, but when they did the paths around my street the contractors did such a rubbish job that they had to send others around to redo it within a couple of months. Lets hope they get people that know how to resurface the road properly and use decent material that is going to cope with the increased traffic that SGC have sent along it

  8. “It should have been done before they shut Highwood Road but then they don’t seem to want to be seen as efficient and organised!”

    Most of the damage has occurred since the closure!

  9. Coniston Rd (49Years) redsignated a “rat run”also car park for the lazy people of Axtec and will one day result in a big accident then perhaps the powers that be will listen to us residents !!! oh wait just saw a load of pigs flying up highwood road

  10. News from First Group:

    Whilst the above closure is in place service 75 will divert as follows:

    Service 75 (Hengrove – Cribbs Causeway)
    From Gloucester Road via Highwood Road, Durban Road, Bradley Road then Coniston Road as normal.

    Service 75 (Cribbs Causeway – Hengrove)
    Reverse of above

    Read more: Coniston Road, Patchway – CLOSURE

  11. At the Patchway Town council meeting last Tuesday 12th, I was told that after resurfacing the speed cushions will go back. Something for all low slung cars to think about. You will never get Highwood Road open, Pat Hockey will make quite sure of that. You know how in tuned she is with the transport situation. Beside South Glos will go broke if they have to repay Bovis for Hayes Way. What is the betting they install speed platforms like they are doing on Lttle Stoke Lane, eight raised platforms in half a mile.

  12. I have commented many times about the stupidity of the closure,and the state of Coniston and even though the road will be resurfaced soon,I think this saga is still going to run.I expect that for sure SGC are already plotting more misery for the good people of Patchway,who knows what traffic calming measures they will install,and they can argue quite rightly that they are now needed because of the extra traffic on the road,and the fact that they caused this will go completley over their heads.As for Pat Hockey I do not know why she bears such hatred to us locals,suffice to say I have a more respect for a sewer rat than I do for her,and if I never hear or see her again it will be a as good as winning the lottery

  13. Its sad to say that SGC do not care one jot about the People of Patchway. I have been trying to get some repairs to the parade for 3 years to no avail.

    I attended the meeting at which the vote to close Highwood Road was taken. The Petition signed by over 4,000 residents was totally ignored. I believe if we had 10,000 signatures it would still have been ignored.

    The fact that the large signs placed at the top of Coniston Road directing ‘All Traffic except Buses’ to travel along Conistion Road says it all. We said all traffic would transfer to Coniston Road and it has, with the blessing of SGC.

    I have written to SGC giving reasons why Highwood Road should be reopened. I suspect that all of the letters written will be disregarded, with SGC paying lip service to the process. I did try ringing the Planning Dept. but all I got was answerphones.

    To add to the list of vehicles, Car Transporters, Low Loaders carrying huge concrete blocks, having to reverse into Willow and Sycamore once the Driver has realized the mistake.

    What the ‘Good People of Patchway’ have done to deserve this contempt only SGC knows.

  14. Been along Coniston Road today and the bit between Scott Park and Waterside Drive has been planed off but not resurfaced.

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