Love in the aisles at Asda, Cribbs Causeway

Love in the aisles at the Asda Supercentre, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

A local supermarket is claiming to be one of the most romantic workplaces in the region, due to a string of blossoming romances between colleagues.

Asda at Cribbs Causeway has 12 colleagues who found love in the aisles, prompting store bosses to declare it Asda’s most romantic store.

The longest ‘serving’ love birds found a relationship whilst working in the Music and Video department at the store when manager, Phil Waldron, recruited a young lady called Sandy onto the team.

There was an immediate attraction but plenty of tension too, before Phil asked Sandy out on a date six months after she started working at the store. By September they were living together and in February 2006, Phil popped the question a week before Valentine’s Day!

Phil said:

“Initially Sandy couldn’t stand me. We argued a lot but I finally plucked up the courage to ask her out on a date! I have never looked back as we have been happily married since 2006 and have two lovely children.”

General store manager, James Whitehouse, added:

“There must be something in the water here in Cribbs Causeway. Forget dating sites or office romances, this is where people are really hitting it off – in the aisles!”

The other happy couples are Gareth and Ebony Lippiat, Aaron Rooke and Vikki Hastings, Deb Mattocks and Paul Farley, Chris Challen and Emily Rapaport and Dan Wells-Cockburn and Lisa Goldberg. They have been together for a total of 18 years.

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