Mall shake-up: Several major stores to close

The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

A number of major stores, including Burton, Miss Selfridge, Evans and Monsoon, will be leaving The Mall at Cribbs Causeway this March, according to a report in today’s Bristol Post.

French Connection may also be leaving, while other stores including Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and East are to become concessions within other shops in the centre.

Other stores, including WHSmith, are to move into different sized units that are “more suited to their current requirements”, while some new names are said to be in discussion about taking up space in the centre.

The changes have been sparked by leases coming up for renewal and difficult trading conditions within the retail industry.

The shake-up comes just months after a Government inspector threw out South Gloucestershire Council’s plan to allow a major expansion of retailing at Cribbs Causeway, claiming that the proposal “had not been sufficiently justified” and “could harm other centres in the sub-region”.

Jon Edwards, Commercial Director of The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, commented:

“The Mall is currently undergoing a period of change as several shop leases are coming up for renewal, which is not uncommon at major shopping centres. As part of this we are pleased to report that advanced negotiations are underway with a number of tenants about exciting plans to upsize and enhance stores, while a host of new names are in discussions with us about opening at The Mall.”

“As part of this same process, a select number of stores, including several from the Arcadia group of retailers are reviewing their strategies; this may see some leave The Mall later in the year while others may move to new locations within the centre.”

“The Mall remains a hugely popular shopping destination and a number of other retailers including Republic and Next have significantly upsized their units, while others are soon to follow suit.”

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  1. There are many people slating Cribbs because a few stores are leaving or relocating at the Mall,but they forget that’s what retail is all about here today gone tomorrow , there is also some new stores coming to the Mall as well

  2. Callicroft, if you really believe that Highwood Road being closed for just 3 months is making shops move out of the mall you need your bumps testing!

  3. It’s a real shame the WHSmith is moving from what I consider a premium location, a lot of their sales are impulse buys of stationery, snacks and books that I wouldn’t take time to go home to find it on an e-Reader.

    For example when Curry’s closed down their mall location and a clothes shop took its place, I’ve been buying my computer accessories at John Lewis and even buying non Apple hardware at the Apple store instead of driving over to the Currys-PCworld Megastore.

    Yes Cribbs is facing competition from Willow Brook and even the new Yate Tesco Extra but if they stick it out there will be thousands of new potential customers from when Charlton Hayes is completed and all the ex-airfield area is developed. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was its plazas and markets.

  4. Dont think there is any competion whats so ever from Willow brook or yate have you been to these places ,because if you have you will find they are mostley full of food stores or charity shops .also WHS is not moving out of Cribbs at all its just going to be on the top floor and bigger.And there is a currys doing ok in PC World.Times change and so do stores but to say Cribbs has to worry about the 2 places i have spoke about is silly.

  5. I rarely go to the mall despite living pretty nearby. Why? Expensive. There are no stores in the mall which offer any value for money. Go into the centre of Bristol and you’ve got Primark, CEX and a much better range of stores there but Cribbs seems happy to have all the more expensive stores in one place. Just look at the food court, they need to try and look like it’s a lovely place for a meal or something but it’s just a food court. Get a Greggs and Subway in there.

  6. It’s fine as it is how can you say the shops are Exspensive because they are not up to London ,you go to there and see how much they charge for things .And no we don’t want a Primark at the Mall that would bring the place down.

  7. Well they are talking about going more “high end” and that will be the end of the mall. So many shops are going I don’t see how it will continue to make money at this rate. I would rather pay for parking and go to Cabot Circus even though I worked in the mall since it opened!!!!!

  8. dont worry,the mall will be full of charity shops and take aways.the charity shops will be high end going by what they charge for goods.

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