New year, new challenge! Courses starting soon in Patchway

Southern Brooks Community Partnership

The world did not end on 21/12/12 the way some interpreters of the Mayan calendar had anticipated, but new opportunities for growth are certainly on the way in Patchway. As the festive season ends and we all come to terms with the reality of our new year’s resolutions, Southern Brooks Community Partnership has designed a range of courses which can help fulfil aspirations of a ‘new challenge’.

The courses start in January or February and are free to those who have less than a Level 2 qualification. For those exempt from the course fee, a £10 deposit is payable at the start of the course which will be repaid at the end on meeting an attendance of 80%.

Many of the courses are tailored to meet the needs of parents and families, whilst others are targeted towards skills for work and career development. The courses take place once a week at various community venues, and continue for a duration ranging from two weeks to ten weeks (prices ranging from £15 to £60).

Courses relating to family and parenting include: Parent Right, Managing Difficult Behaviour, Story Sacks (about story-telling and using props), and Bike Maintenance, to name a few.

The skills for work courses include: Introduction to Community Development, Cookery and Healthy Eating, Employability Level 2, Introduction to Horticulture, and Working with Children.

Courses organised by SBCP in Patchway during spring 2013.

The variety of courses will enable attendees to fulfil many resolutions by learning things like growing vegetables in their own gardens, eating more healthily, saving money and creating better habits for family living. The courses offer community members a chance to expand on current skills or learn something completely new.

For more information, you can visit the Southern Brooks Community Partnership site ( or call the organisation on 01454 868570.

Poster advertising courses run by SBCP in Patchway during spring 2013.

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