Council grants permission for another takeaway in Rodway Road

Premises formerly occupied by AKW Computers at 106 Rodway Road.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has granted planning permission for a vacant shop in Rodway Road to be converted into a takeaway, dismissing a 40-signature residents’ petition against the application.

The premises, at 106 Rodway Road, most recently housed a computer sales and repair business known as Rodway Computers (formerly AKW Computers) but that outfit moved out in February.

An earlier planning application from the same applicant was withdrawn earlier this year, after he failed to meet a deadline for providing technical information about a proposed new extraction flue.

A petition submitted against the latest application claimed “there is already a wide range of hot food takeaway shops in Patchway and we do not feel a need for further establishments”. Issues of traffic congestion and safety, pollution (noise and litter) and parking issues were also raised in the petition.

Patchway Town Council had objected to the previous application on similar grounds but did not formally object to the second application.

In approving the latest application, officers at SGC pointed out that of the twelve shop units in the Rodway Road ‘local centre’, a majority (six) would remain in ‘shop’ use. The units currently in ‘non-shop’ use comprise two hot food takeaway outlets, one restaurant. one funeral care office and a hairdressers.

The proposed opening hours (11am to 11pm) are similar to those of the other takeaways in the road, which officers considered “acceptable”.

The applicant stated that three full-time and two part-time jobs would be created through the new venture.

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  1. I agree with you both, and I think PTC do on the whole, objected in the first instance and then I think we missed the second one during recess, not sure. However, we would have been over-ruled as always by SGC, tbf this happens all the time with fast food outlets and there is little can be done to stop them, mind you, what hope 40 odd signatures in a petition when 4137 are ignored over Highwood Rd!

    This leaves us with 4 food outlets and 2 bookies on Rodway now, not ideal, but as I said previously retail is really struggling to exist here.

  2. Not sure I can agree on your end statement Dave.
    We have a really good rank of shops ,spar , post office ,what knot shop,chemist, hairdressers and they are always busy ,even the CO.OP funeral place is busy.yes we might have to many food outlets like i said but the others are fine and just what we need .

  3. Well you never agree with me so no worries there! All I can say is viva the ones you have mentioned and lets hope they survive, I love living here and having that choice, long may they run! đŸ˜‰

  4. We Would be bored if we always agreed with each other Dave .
    Yes they will run for a long time as they have always done the shops at Rodway road .Road closed or not .

  5. It’s when we start getting ‘Cash for Gold’ and charity shops that I’ll start getting worried. Having said that, although living locally, I have never used any of the take away shops as I prefer a more traditional ‘British’ menu.

  6. Basmati Curry house is very nice to try a Curry ,not sure about all the others as haven’t used them and I don’t think I will .

  7. rumour it’s the kebab van Ali’s that are taking over this shop, might be false but would make sense as they seem to have a great tade of locals

  8. No, I believe its a small ‘kebab chain’ that already have shops on Gloucester Rd and in particular in that strip of takeaways on Filton Avenue along from the Bulldog…

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