Patchway spending proposals to be decided at Area Forum

Roadworks warning sign.

A meeting of South Gloucestershire Council’s Southern Brooks Area Forum tomorrow evening (Tuesday 4th) could see money allocated for a number of highway maintenance projects in Patchway.

The same meeting will see several local community organisations pitching for a share of capital grant funding allocated to the Forum’s area – which extends across Bradley Stoke, Filton, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, Winterbourne, Frenchay and Stoke Park.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting to have their say and ask questions of the Councillors and officials present. It takes place at Patchway Community College, Hempton Lane, starting at 7pm.

The Forum has been given £60,000 to spend on highway maintenance and Patchway’s Bevington Close tops the list of proposed schemes, which has been ranked according to condition reports, mechanical survey data, road safety data and social impact information (including the number of complaints received).

Other Patchway roads featuring in the list include Lee Close, Coniston Road and Derwent Close.

In each case it proposed that a replacement surface course of dense bitumen macadam (DBM) be used to repair the road. The total estimated cost of carrying out repairs to all eleven roads listed amounts to £89,900, so Councillors will be asked to choose a subset that is within the available budget.

Local organisations hoping to receive capital grants from the Forum include Coniston Community Centre (£2,000 for CCTV equipment), Southern Brooks Community Partnership (£1,471 to run ‘Get Patchway Cooking’ courses and £3,000 for equipment at the Casson Day Centre) and Stage Whisper Youth Theatre (£1,711 for sound equipment).

The Forum has £30,032 to allocate to community projects in its area and has received 14 applications totalling £32,699, so the chances of success look promising, although Councillors are not obliged to use the whole of the budget and can choose to carry some forward to next year.

More info: Agenda for the Area Forum meeting on 4th September (SGC)


  1. It turns out that for 2012/2013, there is a much-reduced amount of £10,000 to be allocated for Highways Maintenance (mentioned on the agenda top sheet but NOT quantified in the detailed report).

  2. And the winner is … Bevington Close, Patchway (which gets the full £10,000). Proposed by Cllr Eve Orpen; supported by three other Labour Councillors; opposed by Cllr Brian Hopkinson (Con); all other Cllrs abstained.

  3. Patchway was also in luck with its capital grant applications. The Coniston Community Centre, ‘Get Patchway Cooking’, Casson Day Centre and Stage Whisper Youth Theatre projects were all awarded what they had asked for.

  4. So nobody noticed the state of the road on hempton lane when they attended the meeting !, pot holes are us especially on the road just before entrance to school , usually this should be a priority due to the Rd being heavily used by people attending the school for example the children of Patchway !

  5. I agree the road leading to Patchway community college is in a terrible state and should be a priority as it is heavily used by people accessing the school . You would think school childrens safety would come first and this road be retarmacked . Am shocked nobody noticed it attending the meeting too !

  6. Sadie’s “I agree” comment was received before Carla’s comment had been approved.

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