Bay Tree Close planning application resurrected after 26 years

Proposed housing development in Bay Tree Close, Patchway.

A planning application has been submitted to South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) to build four three-bed houses in Bay Tree Close, Patchway.

The applicant, John Baylis Construction Ltd, wishes to build the new homes on a plot of vacant land that previously had permission for five two-bed houses, granted as long ago as November 1986 but now lapsed.

According to the design and access statement submitted with the application, a pre-application enquiry to SGC resulted in the District Council expressing a preference for houses rather than apartments to be built on the site. Additionally, the Council’s housing officer advised that two off-street parking spaces would be expected for each of the three-bed properties.

The application describes the site as “a redundant piece of land formerly occupied by lock-up garages, and now overgrown”, adding:

“It is fenced off from the public realm and offers little or no amenity value to local residents.”

The four new properties would be arranged in a single terrace and they would also have rear access via a lane that leads off Cranbourne Road.

Vacant land at Bay Tree Close, Patchway, Bristol.

The consultation period on the application runs until Tuesday 21st August.

Photo: Google Street View (link to original)


  1. Why are we building more houses in this street, why couldnt this part of land be turned into a private carpark for visitors in this street as parking is a problem in this area, also because this is a private estate are the houses that are going to be built are they for housing associations or are they going to be for sale to general public.

    It would of also been nice to have been informed of this proposal via a letter to the local residents.


  2. This sounds like a great idea this bit of land has been an eyesore for a long time and needed to be sorted out ,and as for the parking issue a lot of these homes around this place have off street parking or a garage but cant be assed to use them because they have to walk a little bit further to their front door

  3. Outline planning permission for three houses was granted by SGC on 20th September 2012. The applicant now has three years to submit a more detailed “reserved matters” planning application.

  4. Happy… If you look at the garages in Bay Tree you will see that there are not enough of them for all the houses. The other houses have allocated spaces outside their gates, and no one that I know use the steet because their allocated spaces are next to their gates! There are others that have made their front gardens into parking spaces so they do not clutter up the road. There are also people from Sycamore that park in BayTree, I do not think the spaces are allocated to them as they park on the road. I have one allocated space that clearly isn’t big enough when I have visitors! A little more parking would be better for us, but then housing would be more profitable for the council. And when you look at the small car park by the Patchway Hub, that is too small for the people working there let alone users we can see that the council do not consider this important when planning new buildings!

  5. There is no profit in this for Patchway Town Council Jen.

    You are right about the parking at the Hub too, but again, the council to blame is the idiots at SGC who plan these things.

    Yes, it’s a really futile life being a town councillor, blamed for much and powerless when you are over-ruled by the clowns at South Gloucestershire Council. The officers run the show, and the majority of Con Dems say yes to their sponsors the builders who donate large sums of money to their party, if they don’t tow the line their MP bllcks them, and they may end up losing their seats, 10k a year each, and for the couples there that’s at least 20k going into the household budget, a lot to lose for being true to themselves, so they pay us lip service here and vote against us at SGC.

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