Patchway churches alerted to danger posed by fraudster

Robert Kerr, wanted by police for fraud and burglary

Avon and Somerset police have circulated a ‘wanted’ poster to local churches and clubs asking for information about a man who travels the country committing burglary and fraud.

Robert Kerr, 52, is said to have a history of attending local churches, identifying parish members whom he can contact and requesting money from them.

The suspect is said to have been travelling the country committing burglary and fraud at various locations.

His method of operation is usually to approach elderly lone persons, stating he is a priest from Ireland and has broken down. He states he needs cash to get the vehicle repaired in order to get to a funeral/home etc.

He also states he is ex Irish Hussars/Guards/Rangers and give different army details (i.e. number/barracks).

On some occasions, he has approached members of the Royal British Legion and given another account, obtaining cash from stewards.

Fr Eugene Campbell of Holy Family Church, Patchway, alerted parishioners to the potential danger posed by the fugitive in last Sunday’s church newsletter.

He says he is concerned about the potential risk to young children using the toilet in the hall adjoining the church during services and asks that “no child under the age of ten [be] allowed to go to the toilet by themselves [in the hall] for the time being.”

A poster hanging on the church door asks anyone with information about Robert Kerr to contact 999.