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Charlton Hayes

Charlton Hayes is a major mixed use development on land to the north of Filton Airfield. Planning permission to build 2,200 new homes housing an estimated 6,000 residents was granted by South Gloucestershire Council in 2008.

The Charlton Hayes name comes from the original village of Charlton, which was demolished in the 1940s for a runway extension at Filton to accommodate the giant Bristol Brabazon plane.

Callicroft Place, Charlton Hayes, Patchway, Bristol (Bovis Homes)

New Homes at Charlton Hayes

Site plan of Callicroft Place, Charlton Hayes, Bristol

Callicroft Place (Bovis Homes)

The first housing development to come on stream at Charlton Hayes is Callicroft Place, a development of 2 and 3 bedroom properties by Bovis Homes.

“Here you can enjoy your new home and the space around you. You’re close to great shopping, cinemas and a whole host of leisure activities. In addition, you’re also next to useful transport links, for when you’re taking time out or simply going to work.”

Barratt Homes

“An exciting new development of 2, 3 & 4 bedroom homes coming soon.”

Sales cabin opened August 2012. Show homes due to open October 2012.

Read more: Barratt Homes at Charlton Hayes

David Wilson

“David Wilson Homes at Charlton Hayes is an exciting development of luxurious three and four bedroom homes located in the bustling suburb of Filton, set on the outskirts of Bristol.”

Read more: David Wilson at Charlton Hayes

Sovereign Life

“Our modern homes at Charlton Hayes on the outskirts of Bristol are perfect for those who enjoy both the cosmopolitan city and beautiful rural scenery. These quality properties are truly affordable, thanks to Shared Ownership, a simple and manageable way to own your own home.”

“A selection of two bedroom homes available at Filton Northfields, coming soon in Spring 2013.”

Read more: Sovereign Life at Charlton Hayes, Filton.

Retirement and Assisted Living

Highwood Road Linear Park

Highwood Road, Patchway, Bristol

The planning consent for the Northfield development requires that Highwood Road becomes a single carriageway between the Standing Stone Roundabout and ‘The Boulevard’ (currently being built within Charlton Hayes). See ‘planning applications’ and ‘public consultations’ below for further details.

For more information, visit our information page: Highwood Road Linear Park

Latest news:

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News Stories about Charlton Hayes in The Journal

Charlton Hayes in The News

New Patchway to Cribbs link road opens today
6th December 2010 | South Glos Post
An important new part of South Gloucestershire’s transport infrastructure opens today (Monday 6th December). The new road, named ‘Hayes Way’, runs from the A38 near the Royal Mail depot in Patchway to the Mall at Cribbs Causeway.

Is Charlton Hayes a dream place to live?
30th November 2010 | The Abstract
Modern designs attract new owners, bringing new people to Patchway, but at the same time makes community inhabitants conscious about different ethnic minorities moving in to the neighbourhood.

We’re just so pleased to move in
9th October 2010 | Bristol Evening Post
The first people to buy a property at a new housing development in South Glou-cestershire have moved into their new home. Simon and Sarah Cook are now the proud owners of a two-bedroom coach house in Charlton Hayes, a community being built between Patchway and Cribbs Causeway.

Homes at airfield site between Patchway and Cribbs Causeway to go on sale
31st May 2010 | Bristol Evening Post
The first homes in a new housing development in South Gloucestershire will go on sale early next month. Building work is well under way on the first phase of homes at Charlton Hayes, a major development near Filton Airfield between Patchway and Cribbs Causeway.

Useful Links about the Charlton Hayes (Northfield) Development

South Gloucestershire Local Plan (adopted January 2006)

A major mixed use development is proposed on 74 ha at the Northfield, Filton Aerodrome, Patchway, north of the runway, south east of Highwood Road, south of Callicroft Road and west of the A38 Gloucester Road, as defined on the proposals map.

The development will comprise:

  1. Approximately 2,200 dwellings in a mix of sizes and types, and provision for a range of local facilities Including local shopping, health care, education and other community facilities.
  2. Approximately 14 ha for B1 (business) uses, B2 (general Industry) uses and small scale B8 (distribution) uses.

Development will be planned on a comprehensive basis, designed and phased to ensure maximum practical Integration between the different uses within and beyond the site and provision of ancillary facilities and supporting infrastructure and safeguard the existing commercial activities and authorised operation of the aerodrome.

Read more on page 208 of the South Gloucestershire Local Plan [PDF, 3.9MB]

Planning Permission (South Gloucestershire Council)

PT03/3143/O – Received 6th Oct 2003; Approved 15th Mar 2008

Major mixed-use development across 81.25 hectares of land comprising 2,200 new dwellings, 66,000 sq m of employment floor space (B1, B2 and B8), 1,500 sq m of A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 floor space; together with the provision of supporting infrastructure and facilities including; new vehicular and pedestrian accesses to Highwood Road, new link road, public open space, primary school, community building, hotel (C1) (Outline).

PT10/3159/RM – Received 17th Nov 2010; Approved 11th Feb 2011

Creation of 5.49ha of Linear Park comprising infrastructure highway design, landscaping paving materials and street furniture. Approval of reserved matters (to be read in conjunction with outline planning permission PT03/3143/O).

PT09/0765/RM – Received 20th Apr 2009; Approved 14th Jul 2009

Erection of 111 no. dwellings with garaging and parking, landscaping and associated works. Phase 1 parcels H21, H22, H23.

PT09/1271/RM – Received 10th Jul 2009; Approved 12th Aug 2009

Erection of 51 no. dwellings with garaging and parking, landscaping and associated works. Phase 1 parcel H18.

PT10/0042/RM – Received 11th Jan 2010; Approved 25th Mar 2010

Erection of 60 no. dwellings with garaging and parking, landscaping and associated works. Phase 1 parcels H19 and H20.

PT10/3188/RM – Received 17th Nov 2010; Approved 16th Feb 2011

Erection of 35 flats and 931m2 retail floor space including car parking and associated works. Phase 1-3 parcel LC1.

PT11/1766/RM – Received 20th May 2011; Approved 19th Sep 2011

Erection of 40 no. dwellings with car parking, landscaping and associated works. Bovis. Phase 1b parcels MU5 and MU6.

PT11/2687/RM – Received 23rd Aug 2011; Approved 22nd Nov 2011

Erection of 53 no. dwellings. Phase 2-3 parcels H50 and H51.

PT12/0521/RM – Received 14th Feb 2012; Approved 23rd May 2012

Erection of 25 no. dwellings with garaging and parking, landscaping and associated works. David Wilson Homes. Phase 1b parcel H31.

PT12/0656/RM – Received 23rd Feb 2012; Approved 19th Jun 2012

Erection of 46 no. dwellings, garaging, parking, landscaping and associated works. Barratt Homes. Phase 1b parcel H30.

PT12/1137/RM – Received 30th Mar 2012; Approved 8th Aug 2012

Construction of 3 no. buildings up to 5 storeys in height to comprise of 33 no. residential units (C3) and 178m2 of retail floor space (A1), with parking, landscaping and associated works. Phase 1-3 parcel LC1.

PT12/1849/RM – Received 29th May 2012; Approved 24th Aug 2012

Erection of 40 no. dwellings, garaging, parking, landscaping and associated works. David Wilson Homes. Phase 1b parcels H27 and H32.

PT12/2470/RM – Received 20th Jul 2012; Approved 22nd Oct 2012

Erection of 101 no. dwellings, garaging, parking, landscaping and associated works. Barratt Homes. Phase 1b parcels H28, H29 and H33.

PT12/3040/RM – Received 6th Sep 2012; Approved 28th Mar 2013

Erection of 9 no. dwellings, garaging, parking, landscaping and associated works. Bovis Homes (The Woodlands, Phase 2, Sales Area).

PT12/4119/RM – Received 7th Dec 2012; Approved 19th Apr 2013

Erection of 86 no. dwellings, garaging, parking, landscaping and associated works. Bellway Homes. Phase 1b parcels H34 and H36.

PT13/0446/RM – Received 11th Feb 2013; Approved 9th May 2013

Erection of 65 no. dwellings with associated works. Bovis Homes. Phase 1b parcels H35 & MU3.

PT13/0559/RM – Received 18th Feb 2013; Approved 1st Aug 2013

Erection of 137 no. dwellings with associated works. Bovis Homes. Phases 2 & 3 parcels H52, H53, H54, H55 & H56.

PT13/4148/RM – Received 11th Nov 2013; Approved 22nd May 2014

Mixed use development comprising the erection of 54 no. dwellings (including 4 no. flexible residential/employment use units) and 2 no. employment/retail units with layout, access, parking, scale and associated works. Goodman. Phases 2 & 3 parcels MU5 & MU6.

PT13/4443/RM – Received 28th Nov 2013; Approved 15th Sep 2014

Erection of 115 no. dwellings with associated works. Phase 2 parcels H8, H9 & MU2.

PT14/0760/F – Received 3rd Mar 2014; Approved 1st Jul 2014

Erection of a 64 bed care home, 53 assisted living/extra care units in the C2 use class, a doctor’s surgery and a pharmacy. Parcels H24 And LC3.

PT14/1765/RM – Received 21st Mar 2014; Approved 25th Mar 2015

Phase 2 and 3 infrastructure highway corridor including public realm design, landscaping, street furniture and highway engineering design.

PT14/2473/RM – Received 24th Jun 2014; Approved 3rd Dec 2014

Erection of a 90 no. bedroom hotel (Class C1) including retail floorspace (Class A3 and A1) with car parking, scale, layout, external appearance and landscaping. Located on road gyratory islands at the junction of Gloucester Road and Hayes Way.

PT14/4954/RM – Received 22nd Dec 2014; Approved 11th May 2015

Erection of 120 dwellings with details of the siting, design, external appearance of buildings, and landscaping with associated garaging and parking. Bellway Homes. Phase 3 parcels H40, H47 & H48.

PT15/1349/RM – Received 23rd Mar 2015; Approved 4th Sep 2015

Mixed use development comprising of erection of 33no. Apartments and 230sq.m of Retail space with associated works. Phase 2 parcel MU2.

PT15/1676/RM – Received 17th Apr 2015; Approved 27th Nov 2015

Erection of 75 no. dwellings with garages, parking, associated engineering and landscaping. Phase 2 parcels H15 & H16.

PT15/2350/RM – Received 29th May 2015; Approved 3rd Mar 2017

Laying out of the Central Green Spine including access, appearance and hard/soft landscaping.

PT15/3344/RM – Received 31st Jul 2015; Approved 28th Sep 2015

Erection of 28 no. dwellings with details of the siting, design, external appearance of buildings, landscaping with associated garaging and parking. Phase 3 parcel H38.

PT15/5106/RM – Received 25th Nov 2015; Approved 17th Feb 2016

Erection of 65 no. dwellings with details of the siting, design, external appearance of buildings and landscaping with associated garaging and parking. Phase 3 parcel H37.

PT16/0832/RM – Received 18th Feb 2016; Approved 27th May 2016

Erection of 205 no. dwellings with associated roads, drainage, parking, garages and landscaping. Parcels H41-H46 And H49.

PT16/1319/RM – Received 18th Mar 2016; Approved 6th Jul 2016

Erection of 118 no. dwellings with garages, parking, associated engineering and landscaping. Phase 3 parcels H3, H4 & H5.

PT16/4740/RM – Received 12th Aug 2016

Erection of 2 no. buildings to form 55 residential apartments, 2 no. retail units (Class A1) and 1 no. childrens day nursery (Class D2). Laying out of carpark with associated access, engineering and landscaping. Parcel LC2.

PT16/4975/F – Received 1st Sep 2016; Approved 24th Jul 2017

Erection of part three, part four storey building comprising of 60 no. extra care apartments (Class C2 ) for the elderly with associated communal lounges, restaurants, kitchen, guest room, staff accommodation, communal refuse and electric buggy stores. Landscaped gardens, sub station and car parking with vehicular access from Sparrowbill Way. Phase 1b parcel MU6.

PT16/4976/F – Received 1st Sep 2016

Erection of a part three, part four and part two storey building comprising 40 no. Retirement Living apartments with associated communal lounge, guest suite, house managers office, refuse and electric buggy store, sub-station and communal landscaped grounds accesses and parking.

PT16/6598/RM – Received 2nd Dec 2016

Erection of 130 no. dwellings with garages, parking, associated infrastructure and hard & soft landscaping proposals. Phase 2 parcels H11, H12 & H13.

Consultations (South Gloucestershire Council)

Highwood Road, Patchway – Proposed Traffic Management Changes
Consultation open: 30th Sep 2011 to 30th Oct 2011


Update (24/11/17): The Endeavour Academy Trust has confirmed that the new primary school in Charlton Hayes will have places for both Reception AND Year 1 aged children when it opens in September 2019.

From a report presented to a South Gloucestershire Council meeting on 15th February 2017:

“Schools commissioned in 2016/17 where the funding and land has already been secured through the Section 106 process include the new 420 place primary school to serve the development at Charlton Hayes. The Council’s preferred Trust sponsor, Endeavour Academy Trust, was approved by the DfE [Department for Education] in November 2016.”

“It is planned that the school will open in September 2019. The Trust is exploring the programme of works to bring this forward to 2018 though initial considerations mean that this will bring about increased risks to the scheme. Responsibility for commissioning the works and for delivering the school on time rests with Endeavour Academy Trust though the Local Authority will continue to work in partnership with the Trust.”

Miscellaneous News

From the minutes of a meeting of Patchway Town Council’s Parks & Open Spaces Committee held on 25th October 2011:

“There was a discussion on the possibility of a sports hall development linked to Section 106 funding for the Charlton Hayes development but it was noted that this must remain confidential for the time being.”

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