Patchway in the Press

A round-up of Patchway news stories covered by the local, regional and national press.

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Bookkeeper stole from Patchway Labour Club

Patchway Labour Club, Patchway, Bristol

Hayley Wilkins, a convicted fraudster employed as a bookkeeper at Patchway Labour Club, stole £13,000 from her employer, a court heard in October 2009.

Bookkeeper stole thousands from Bristol social club
Bristol Evening Post | 9th October 2009
A convicted fraudster employed as a bookkeeper at a cash-strapped social club in Bristol plundered £13,000 from her employer, a court heard.

£13k fraud woman back in court because of bad back
Bristol Evening Post | 30th June 2011
A fraudster who was spared jail has reappeared in court because she is unable to carry out her sentence of unpaid work because of a bad back.

Fraudster wants to sit down on job to do community work
Bristol Evening Post | 1st August 2011
A convicted fraudster who can’t do unpaid work because none is available for her to sit down on the job has been told to declare her financial assets to a judge.

Pay up, I won’t stand more excuses: Judge
Bristol Evening Post | 14th August 2011
A convicted fraudster who said she could not do unpaid work unless she could sit down has been told to get on with it and continue to repay what she stole.

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Fatal stabbing in Rodway Road, Patchway

Police carWayne Brown, 25, was fatally stabbed in Rodaway Road in the early hours of Sunday 9th January 2011.

Man arrested after “suspicious” death in Patchway
9th January 2011 | Bradley Stoke Journal
Police were called to Rodway Road in Patchway at around 2:30am this morning (Sunday 9th January) following reports that a man had suffered serious injuries to his chest and abdomen. The man, aged in his twenties, was taken to Frenchay Hospital, where he later died.

Patchway street sealed off after fatal stabbing
10th January 2011 | Bristol Evening Post
A young man has died after a violent clash in a Patchway street. The man, aged in his 20s, was stabbed and suffered other injuries on Rodway Road in the early hours of yesterday.

Murder inquiry detectives appeal for public’s help to find flick knife
11th January 2011 | Bristol Evening Post
Police are looking for the flick knife used to kill a 25-year-old man in Patchway. It has a gold-coloured handle and is a folding pocket knife. It has an 8cm blade, released by a button, and a hole to attach it to a key ring.

Murder suspect was arrested in Wheatfield Drive
20th January 2011 | Bradley Stoke Journal
Local police have revealed that a murder suspect was arrested at a property in Bradley Stoke’s Wheatfield Drive just hours after a fatal stabbing in nearby Patchway.

Love rival was ‘stabbed through the heart by jealous ex-boyfriend’
4th November 2011 | Bristol Evening Post
A jealous ex-boyfriend stabbed his love rival through the heart after he would not accept a relationship was over, a court heard.

Mum tells of threats before fatal stabbing
5th November 2011 | Bristol Evening Post
A young mum has told a jury how she saw her ex-boyfriend stab her new man to death in front of her. Sadie Thompson said that as far she was concerned her relationship with Steven Vice was over and she had moved on to be with Wayne Brown.

Woman ‘lied’ to stabbing victim and alleged killer
8th November 2011 | Bristol Evening Post
A woman accepted sleeping with two men behind their backs but told a jury at Bristol Crown Court it didn’t give one the right to kill the other. Sadie Thompson was giving evidence in the trial of Steven Vice who is alleged to have murdered Wayne Brown, by stabbing him through the heart in Rodway Road, Patchway on 9th January.

‘I was pregnant, I didn’t know who the father was’
9th November 2011 | Bristol Evening Post
A woman at the centre of a love triangle told her new man she was pregnant but did not know who the father was, a murder trial jury has heard. Sadie Thompson told Bristol Crown Court that she made the admission to Wayne Brown after a party at which they had both been drinking heavily and taking cocaine.

‘Victim was just seeing woman for sexual fun’
10th November 2011 | Bristol Evening Post
A father-of-one allegedly murdered by a jealous ex-boyfriend looked on the woman they shared as simply “sexual fun”, a jury heard. Friend Liam Dimond told Bristol Crown Court that stab victim Wayne Brown confided at the end of August last year that he was occasionally seeing Sadie Thompson.

Murder accused claims he acted in self-defence
12th November 2011 | Bristol Evening Post
A chef charged with stabbing a man to death in Patchway said he was attacked and acted in self-defence. Steven Vice told police he was in Rodway Road in January when Wayne Brown, who was with Vice’s girlfriend Sadie Thompson, knocked him to the ground.

Accused tells jury of fatal love triangle fight
Bristol Evening Post | 16th November 2011
A chef charged with murdering his love rival said he didn’t mean to seriously harm him in a fight and felt “terrible” he died. Steven Vice told a jury his girlfriend Sadie Thompson was also seeing Wayne Brown and Mr Brown had threatened to stab him.

Father turned in son accused of murder after reading Post appeal
Bristol Evening Post | 17th November 2011
A man accused of murder was turned in by his own father after he read an appeal in the Evening Post. Paul Vice told Bristol Crown Court he read an article on our website which said police were looking for a small, brass-handled knife following the fatal stabbing of Wayne Brown in Patchway in January.

Steven Vice convicted of murdering Wayne Brown
Patchway Journal | 22nd November 2011
Avon and Somerset Police report this afternoon that Steven Vice has been convicted of the murder of Wayne Brown.

Guilty of murdering love rival
Bristol Evening Post | 23rd November 2011
A spurned lover faces a life sentence for stabbing his rival to death in a Patchway street. Steven Vice was yesterday found guilty of murdering father-of-one Wayne Brown by a jury at Bristol Crown Court.


Racist firework attack at The Parade Stores

The Parade Stores, Coniston Road, Patchway, Bristol.

A Patchway couple were left injured after teenagers threw a firework into The Parade Stores on Coniston Road – narrowly missing their young daughter. A racial slur was shouted at the Sri Lankan shopkeepers by the perpetrators of the incident, which occurred on Wednesday 31st October 2012.

Mother and child hurt as firework thrown into shop at The Parade
Patchway Journal | 1st November 2012
Police officers in Patchway have been carrying out door-to-door enquiries at The Parade, Coniston Road as part of their investigations into an incident in which a firework was thrown into one of the shops.

Firework race attack in Patchway shop
Bristol Post | 3rd November 2012
A couple from Patchway have been left injured after teenagers threw a firework into a shop – narrowly missing their two-year-old daughter.

Boy arrested after Halloween firework incident in Patchway
Bristol Post | 7th November 2012
A teenager has been arrested in relation to a Halloween incident in which a Patchway couple and their two-year-old daughter were injured by a firework.