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New plan sees 3,950 extra homes for Cribbs/Patchway area

Posted on Tuesday 13th December 2011 at 9:21 am by SH (Editor)

Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood Framework Diagram (Dec 2011)

Planners at South Gloucestershire Council are proposing that an extra 3,950 homes be built in the Patchway/Cribbs Causeway area over the next 15 years, on top of existing commitments to build 2,200 homes at Charlton Hayes and 1,750 at Cribbs Causeway and on land south of Filton Airfeld.

The plans for additional homes were revealed in a revised version of the Council’s Core Strategy document, the planning blueprint for the district for the period 2012-2027, issued last week.

The new plan, produced at the insistence of a Government inspector, accepts the closure of Filton Airfield, freeing up land for housing in a new neighbourhood tentatively called “New Charlton” – on the western half of the airstrip.

Further land for housing has also been designated west of the A4018, which is combined with land on the east side of the main road to form a new “Haw Wood” neighbourhood.

Whereas the old plan foresaw 1,750 dwellings in the Cribbs Causeway and ‘south of airfield’ zones, the new plan sees 3,700 in New Charlton and 1.000 in each of Haws Wood and Cribbs Causeway – giving a net increase of 3,950.

The eastern half of the airstrip, extending to the A38 near the Royal Mail centre, will be given over to industrial use in a zone called the ‘Filton Aerospace Cluster’.

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