Patchway College student hits national headlines with Daily Mail dress design

Daily Mail dress designed by Patchway Community College student Chloe Wright.

An aspiring fashion student at Patchway Community College has hit the national headlines after designing a dress made from old copies of the Daily Mail.

Chloe Wright produced the dress as part of her A-level textiles exam, which asked pupils to create a dress from recycled materials.

Fortunately, her grandfather had stored enough Mails to help her out after she got the idea on a trip to Paris.

Chloe, 18, who lives in Paddock Close, Bradley Stoke, said she was inspired by Parisian architecture and Dior’s recent collection:

“It used lots of black and white and I was thinking about what could be recycled in those colours, which brought me to newspapers.”

Chloe then asked her 14-year-old sister, Charlotte, to model her creation (shown above).

Her tutors at Patchway Community College were so impressed that they have predicted she will gain an A* grade. Hopefully it means she will achieve her dream of going to Falmouth University to study fashion design, for which she has a conditional offer.

“Until last year I’d wanted to be a beautician. I’d always thought that university was for traditionally academic or ‘clever’ people, I never really thought I could go.”

“I’m now really excited about what the future holds and after university I hope that I could go on to be a fashion designer one day.”

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