Rollers at the ready as Sainsbury’s staff help out at Brooks Café

Sainsbury's staff help out at Brooks Cafe, Patchway.

Staff and contractors from the Sainsbury’s store in Stoke Gifford recently completed a communiuty project at the Brooks Café in Patchway that saw them give the popular eatery and meeting place a new lick of paint.

Sainsbury’s staff were joined by a representative of Dartmouth, a contract firm that has been working at the Stoke Gifford store in recent weeks.

Paint and equipment for the project was provided by Dartmouth, with six Sainsbury’s members of staff putting in two hours labour each.

Sainsbury’s has worked closely with the café in the past, donating cooking equipment and supporting with goods for summer holiday projects and has also donated a large amount of furniture for use at the café.

Photo (L-R): Sainsbury’s staff members Tracy, Glad and Heather with Jimmy, a sub-contractor working for Dartmouth.