Judge threatens Patchway fraudster with jail

Patchway Labour Club, Patchway, Bristol

A woman who stole more than £13,000 from Patchway Labour Club has been ordered by a judge to do 56 hours of unpaid work by 7th October or face jail, reports the Evening Post.

Hayley Wilkins, who was employed as a bookkeeper at the club in Coniston Road, was convicted of the theft in October 2009 and ordered to repay the money and carry out 240 hours of unpaid work.

She returned to court in June this year because she claimed she was unable to carry out the unpaid work because of a bad back.

On hearing that Wilkins has carried out just 53.5 hours of unpaid work since her conviction, a judge at Bristol Crown Court has now ordered her to carry out a further 56 hours by 7th October, warning “you know what will happen if I see you again.”

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