Plans submitted for housing on site of former Royal British Legion Club

Royal British Legion Club, Rodway Road, Patchway, Bristol.

A planning application has been submitted to demolish the former Royal British Legion Club on Rodway Road and replace it with eight 2- and 3-bed homes.

The social club has been closed since July 2014 after getting into financial difficulties. The legal entity behind the club, Patchway & District Royal British Legion Club Ltd, is named as the “owner” of the land/building on the planning application, but is believed to be in the process of being wound-up. A notice displayed at the front of the property states that the land is currently being held in trust by the Royal British Legion, which intends to dispose of it “by way of a sale of the freehold”.

Applicant MCDI Homes Limited has submitted plans for six 3-bed homes and two 2-bed homes on the site, with 16 parking spaces.

The public consultation period for the application closed on 5th January and has attracted one supporting comment from the owner of a neighbouring residential property plus further comments from Patchway Town Council and the nearby Patchway Community Centre.

The town council says it has no objection to the construction of housing on the site, but says it would prefer it to consist of smaller 1- or 2-bed properties, so as to give older local residents currently living in 3-bed homes the opportunity to downsize, thereby releasing family homes onto the market.

The community centre raises the concern that cars currently parking on the Legion Club site will be displaced and start using visitor parking bays at the centre.

It is understood that once planning officers have prepared a report on the application, it is likely to be “called in” by a Patchway district councillor, meaning that it will have to be determined by a meeting of South Gloucestershire Council’s planning committee.


  1. Great. Even more cars! You can’t park in either Rodway road or Cranbourne
    Road as it is with all the Hub people thinking they can just park where they like!

  2. “The public consultation period for the application closed on 5th January” ??

    First I’ve heard of it; where do these “consultation” notices appear?

    Councils should be legally obliged to write to every household within 3 miles of the affected development otherwise how can a sensible judgment be made as to whether the proposal is supported or not?

  3. I think it’s a great idea at long last they have allowed enough parking for these houses so that isn’t a problem
    Now just get it passed so family’s can live in them

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