Consultation on more yellow lines for Hempton Lane

Double yellow lines in Hempton Lane, Patchway, Bristol.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has opened a public consultation on a second phase of waiting restrictions that it proposes to implement in Hempton Lane, Patchway.

The latest proposals follow the recent introduction of double yellow lines around the turning circle at the western end of the lane and on a short stretch of the northern side of the lane, opposite Patchway Community College.

Notice directed at Aztec West workers who park in Hempton Lane, Patchway.

Residents living in properties in the road have long complained about inconsiderate parking by employees of companies based at the nearby Aztec West Business Park (see notice, right).

One Hempton Lane resident who contacted The Journal last month said:

“It is the summer holidays and this time last year our lane was pleasant and peaceful to live in. We are now inundated with Aztec West workers parking in our lane and it is getting worse each day as they tell their colleagues about parking there. They make it difficult for residents to access their drives and it is impossible for two cars to pass.”

The ‘Stage II’ proposals now being discussed involve introducing additional double yellow lines on the north side of Hempton Lane and introducing limited waiting on the south side. It is also proposed to amend a short length of double yellow lines opposite the school (introduced under Stage I) to limited waiting.

A meeting of local residents, Councillors, police and representatives of Patchway Community College held in November last year unanimously agreed the set of proposals that SGC has now formalised.

The consultation runs until Thursday 20th September 2012.

Inconsiderate parking in Hempton Lane, Patchway, Bristol.

Photo 1: Current situation at the western end of Hempton Lane.

Photo 2: Inconsiderate parking in Hempton Lane (resident’s photo).