Frustration at lack of information over road closures

No right turn into Durban Road from Highwood Road, Patchway

Residents and employees in Patchway have expressed frustration over the lack of advance information about a series of road closures introduced last weekend.

The closures are related to the ongoing work to transform Highwood Road into a ‘linear park’, which planners hope will better integrate the new Charlton Hayes neighbourhood with the main part of Patchway.

A resident of Windermere Road contacted The Journal on Monday complaining that the stretch of Durban Road between Rodway Road and Highwood Road had been closed off without warning on Sunday. When the resident enquired at South Gloucestershire Council’s Patchway Hub (situated on the corner of the closed Durban Road) on Monday, she was told that the Council’s own employees at the Hub had also been unaware of the closure and had experienced difficulty getting to work that morning.

Staff at Patchway Town Council confirmed that they too had been surprised by the road closures and that they were awaiting information from SGC after receiving a number of enquiries from concerned residents.

Research by The Journal has confirmed that there was no mention of the road closures in SGC’s weekly roadworks report issued the previous Friday. Enquiries through SGC’s Highways Department on Monday drew a blank, with an official saying she was unable to provide any immediate information but promising to do so “within seven working days”.

Having put in an enquiry to the Council’s press office about the closure of the right turn from Highwood Road into Durban Road on Tuesday, The Journal received the following response late on Wednesday afternoon:

“The right turning from Highwood Road (westbound) into Durban Road has been closed because this is the safest way of implementing the current phase of highway works for this road. These restrictions ensure that the health and safety of road users and construction workers is not compromised during these works. A signed diversion route is in place.”

“The closure will be in place until February 2012.”

“We apologise that advance warning of this specific right turn was not given. This was an error and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

“There is one phase remaining of temporary traffic management which is required before the works are completed in Highwood Road. This final phase will be implemented between February and April 2012.”

The statement concluded:

“We will keep residents informed of the works on the council’s website:”

The Council previously said in a press release put out at the end of August that the majority of the work on the scheme would take place after Christmas.

No right turn from Callicroft Road into Highwood Road, Patchway

We have asked the Council to provide a link to a more specific webpage where residents can find information. For the record, the current restrictions in force are:

  • The right turn from Highwood Road westbound into Durban Road is prohibited
  • The left turn from Highwood Road eastbound into Durban Road is permitted
  • The right turn from Callicroft Road into Highwood Road is prohibited
  • Going straight on from Callicroft Road into Durban Road is prohibited
  • The stretch of Durban Road between Rodway Road and Highwood Road is closed to through traffic from the Rodway Road end, although it is still possible to access the Patchway Hub and Library car park

For more information about what is going on on Highwood Road, visit  The Journal’s dedicated Highwood Road Linear Park information page.

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  1. I have to agree that the lack of information has been appalling on SGC’s part – it shouldn’t take a (laudable) website such as the Patchway Journal to be the source of information for what amounts to major changes to Patchway. I’m glad the Patchway Journal is here and I hope it continues to be so as it’s clear that SGC aren’t interested in informing the residents of Patchway.

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