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Highwood Road Linear Park

Background to the Scheme

Highwood Road, Patchway, Bristol

Highwood Road is being converted into a single carriageway between the Standing Stone Roundabout (near The Mall) and ‘The Boulevard’ (entrance to Charlton Hayes near the HMC Garage).

The section between the Coniston Road junction and ‘The Boulevard’ will be restricted to buses and cycles only.

The existing southern carriageway is being converted into parkland, incorporating landscaped areas (including tree planting), grass, paved areas and benches.

The Highwood Road ‘linear park’ scheme is a key feature of South Gloucestershire Council’s (SGC’s) objective of integrating the new Charlton Hayes development with the existing town of Patchway.

Cllr Brian Allinson, the Council’s executive member for Planning, Transportation and Strategic Environment said:

“The construction of this green space and bespoke bus road is important to provide the new community of Charlton Hayes with safe pedestrian and cycling links as well as access to the amenities of Patchway.”

“The creation of a new open space will also serve the community of Patchway well, offering more green areas and a connection to their new neighbours.”

More information:

UPDATE: The road was formally closed to general traffic on Monday 15th October 2012, for an 18-month “experimental” period.

South Gloucestershire Council is currently running a public consultation on the “experimental” closure. Have your say here, before Friday 19th April 2013:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

General traffic travelling eastwards from The Mall will be forced to turn left into Coniston Road. Only buses and cyclists will be permitted to continue eastwards from this point along Highwood Road.

It will remain possible to turn right out of Coniston Road onto Highwood Road in order to access The Mall. No left turn will be permitted for general traffic.

General traffic travelling westwards along Highwood Road beyond the Durban Road / Callicroft junction will only be able to go as far as ‘The Boulevard’ entrance to Charlton Hayes. It will not be possible to continue along Highwood Road to reach The Mall.

Interactive Map of the Proposed Traffic Management Changes

The interactive Google Map below, put together by the Patchway Journal, shows how the scheme will look once its is completed.

View Highwood Road - Proposed Traffic Management Changes 2011/2012 in a larger map

For best effect, we recommend using the Larger Map.

Consultations (South Gloucestershire Council)

Highwood Road, Patchway – Proposed Traffic Management Changes
Consultation open: 30th Sep 2011 to 30th Oct 2011
Results published 2nd Apr 2012.

Consultations on traffic orders associated with the scheme
Consultations open: 5th Mar 2012 to 29th Mar 2012
Two formal objections have been received to the traffic order for the proposed bus lane and a decision on whether to proceed has been scheduled for June 2012.
Read more: Council launches raft of consultations on Highwood Road traffic orders

Consultation on experimental traffic orders associated with the scheme
Consultation open: 1st Oct 2012 to 19th Apr 2013

Petition #1 (started 5th March 2013)

Patchway Town Councillor Chris Mills has started the following petition:

“We, the undersigned, petition the Council to Open the proposed two way bus lane on Highwood Road to non commercial traffic as well as buses ie cars/ motorcycles and keep the proposed 20 MPH limit”

Read more: ePetition (closed 3rd June 2012)

Petition forms are also available in shops on Rodway Road and at community centres in Patchway.

See also: Chris Mills’ speech to the meeting of SGC’s Full Council on 18th July 2012

Petition #2 (started 10th September 2013)

Patchway Town Councillor Chris Mills has started the following petition:

“We, the undersigned, petition the Council to end the experimental traffic order that created the two way bus lane on Highwood Road and to OPEN the remaining single carriageway to non commercial traffic as well as buses ie cars/motorcycles and keep the proposed 20 MPH limit”

Read more: ePetition

Temporary closure of Durban Road, Patchway, Bristol

Latest News on the Highwood Road Scheme

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