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Officials recommend go-ahead for Shellmor Avenue closure

Posted on Friday 14th September 2012 at 10:21 am by SH (Editor)

Notice advertising a proposed left-turn ban into Shellmor Avenue.

Officials at South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) have recommended that a proposed scheme to ban traffic from making a left-turn into Shellmor Avenue from the A38 Gloucester Road should be implemented, despite 93 residents signing a petition against it.

The recommendation is contained in a report prepared in advance of next Wednesday meeting of SGC’s Planning, Transportation and Strategic Environment Committee, at which District Councillors will be asked to choose between going ahead with the proposed scheme or abandoning it.

An initial public consultation into five alternative proposals aimed at reducing the volume of traffic using Shellmor Avenue was held in October and November last year. It showed a majority were in favour of prohibiting the left-turn from the A38 but only by a small margin and with less than 50% support.

The Council chose to take the favoured scheme forward to the legal advertisement phase, which necessitated a further public consultation held from 4th-28th April 2012.

Results now published show that 115 comments were received during the second consultation, including one that incorporated a 93-signature petition that had also been presented to an SGC Highways Engineer at the April meeting of the Patchway Safer and Stronger Community Group. A total of 76 respondents said they were in favour of the left turn ban with 39 against.

Common themes amongst the objections, which are summarised in the report, are a fear that traffic on Stoke Lane will increase and concerns over road safety at the junction of Shellmor Avenue and Stoke Lane.

In an unusual move, Patchway Town Council conducted its own consultation after the one run by SGC had finished. This was done through a public meeting at the Amberley Road Baptist Church on 30th May, at which 75 of the 119 votes cast (one per household) were in favour of the left turn ban.

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Future of Patchway Youth Centre hangs in the balance

Posted on Monday 10th September 2012 at 3:34 pm by SH (Editor)

Patchway Youth Centre, Coniston Road, Patchway, Bristol.

The future of Patchway Youth Centre, in Coniston Road, could be decided at a meeting of South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) this evening (Monday 10th).

Under proposals published earlier this year, the Council said it was planning to transfer control of all its youth centres to locally-based organisations. If no such organisation comes forward for any particular centre, it will be “decommissioned”.

Tonight’s Special Meeting of SGC’s Full Council has been called after Conservative Councillors ‘called-in’ a decision of the authority’s Children and Young People Committee that would see centre-based youth provision safeguarded in the Council’s six designated Priority Neighbourhoods (one of which is Patchway).

In the event that the Committee’s decision is reversed, focus would switch to the three “expressions of interest” that have been made by organisations prepared to consider taking over the running of the Patchway centre, namely:

  • A member of staff – proposing a partnership with Patchway Judo Club and others to develop centre for wider community use (youth cafe, apprenticeships, NEET sessions, FIP/YOS).
  • Patchway Town Council – proposing a potential asset transfer of building/land to invest in a new Community Centre with dedicated space for young people.
  • A private childcare provider – proposing a day nursery.

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Patchway spending proposals to be decided at Area Forum

Posted on Monday 3rd September 2012 at 6:16 pm by SH (Editor)

Roadworks warning sign.

A meeting of South Gloucestershire Council’s Southern Brooks Area Forum tomorrow evening (Tuesday 4th) could see money allocated for a number of highway maintenance projects in Patchway.

The same meeting will see several local community organisations pitching for a share of capital grant funding allocated to the Forum’s area – which extends across Bradley Stoke, Filton, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, Winterbourne, Frenchay and Stoke Park.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting to have their say and ask questions of the Councillors and officials present. It takes place at Patchway Community College, Hempton Lane, starting at 7pm.

The Forum has been given £60,000 to spend on highway maintenance and Patchway’s Bevington Close tops the list of proposed schemes, which has been ranked according to condition reports, mechanical survey data, road safety data and social impact information (including the number of complaints received).

Other Patchway roads featuring in the list include Lee Close, Coniston Road and Derwent Close.

In each case it proposed that a replacement surface course of dense bitumen macadam (DBM) be used to repair the road. The total estimated cost of carrying out repairs to all eleven roads listed amounts to £89,900, so Councillors will be asked to choose a subset that is within the available budget.

Local organisations hoping to receive capital grants from the Forum include Coniston Community Centre (£2,000 for CCTV equipment), Southern Brooks Community Partnership (£1,471 to run ‘Get Patchway Cooking’ courses and £3,000 for equipment at the Casson Day Centre) and Stage Whisper Youth Theatre (£1,711 for sound equipment).

The Forum has £30,032 to allocate to community projects in its area and has received 14 applications totalling £32,699, so the chances of success look promising, although Councillors are not obliged to use the whole of the budget and can choose to carry some forward to next year.

More info: Agenda for the Area Forum meeting on 4th September (SGC)

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Residents submit petition against Shellmor Avenue traffic scheme

Posted on Monday 23rd April 2012 at 3:54 pm by SH (Editor)

Notice advertising a proposed left-turn ban into Shellmor Avenue.

A 93-signature petition opposing the proposed implementation of a scheme that would see traffic banned from turning left of the A38 Gloucester Road into Shellmor Avenue has been handed to South Gloucestershire Council (SGC)

The move comes just a week before the end of a public consultation on the traffic regulation order for the £15,000 scheme, and follows an earlier consultation where residents were asked to choose between five alternative proposals, ranging from completely blocking off Shellmor Avenue at its junction with Gloucester Road to doing nothing.

The petition was handed to SGC Highway Engineer Mark Parry at last week’s meeting of the Patchway Safer and Stronger Community Group, where several residents of Stoke Lodge voiced their concerns about the effect the scheme could have on other roads in the area, particularly Stoke Lane.

Opponents of the scheme complained that earlier consultations by Stoke Lodge ward Councillors had been restricted to residents of Shellmor Avenue.

Stoke Lane will have to bear the brunt of the extra traffic that previously accessed Shellmor Avenue from Gloucester Road and increased congestion will occur at the Stoke Lodge mini-roundabout if the scheme is implemented, claim the objectors.

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