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Committee to consider objections to Hempton Lane parking restriction plans

Posted on Wednesday 21st November 2012 at 5:43 pm by SH (Editor)

Inconsiderate parking in Hempton Lane, Patchway, Bristol.

Objections to proposed changes to waiting restrictions in Hempton Lane are to be considered at a meeting of South Gloucestershire Council’s Planning, Transport & Strategic Environment (PTSE) Committee next week.

The objections, which relate to plans to add further double lines on the north side of the road and introduce limited waiting on the south side, were received during the ‘Phase II’ public consultation held in August and September this year.

Double yellow lines have already been introduced around the turning circle at the western end of the lane and on a short stretch of the north side of the lane, opposite Patchway Community College, as part of the earlier ‘Phase I’ work.

A meeting of local residents, Councillors, police and representatives of Patchway Community College held in November last year unanimously agreed the ‘Phase II’ proposals but four people, including two residents of Hempton Lane, have now submitted formal objections.

The two residents who have complained say the proposed limited waiting time of “two hours in four” would prevent visitors from parking outside their properties.

The report notes that both of the residents live at properties that do not have off-street parking (there are three such properties in the road).

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Consultation on more yellow lines for Hempton Lane

Posted on Tuesday 28th August 2012 at 4:09 pm by SH (Editor)

Double yellow lines in Hempton Lane, Patchway, Bristol.

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has opened a public consultation on a second phase of waiting restrictions that it proposes to implement in Hempton Lane, Patchway.

The latest proposals follow the recent introduction of double yellow lines around the turning circle at the western end of the lane and on a short stretch of the northern side of the lane, opposite Patchway Community College.

Notice directed at Aztec West workers who park in Hempton Lane, Patchway.

Residents living in properties in the road have long complained about inconsiderate parking by employees of companies based at the nearby Aztec West Business Park (see notice, right).

One Hempton Lane resident who contacted The Journal last month said:

“It is the summer holidays and this time last year our lane was pleasant and peaceful to live in. We are now inundated with Aztec West workers parking in our lane and it is getting worse each day as they tell their colleagues about parking there. They make it difficult for residents to access their drives and it is impossible for two cars to pass.”

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Residents unanimous over revised Hempton Lane waiting restrictions

Posted on Sunday 8th April 2012 at 11:50 pm by SH (Editor)

Parking restrictions in Hempton Lane, Patchway, Bristol

An end seems to be finally in sight to the vacillation over proposed changes to waiting restrictions in Hempton Road.

South Gloucestershire Council’s (SGC’s) Executive Member for Planning, Transportation and Strategic Environment has announced that he intends to accept the unanimous decision of a residents’ meeting organised by Patchway Town Council last November.

The news comes after a consultation exercise in February 2011 yielded no overall majority view on possible changes to waiting restrictions in the road, where residents have for a long time complained about difficulties in accessing their properties as a result of on-street parking by non-residents.

A second consultation ran from 13th November to 2nd December last year, in which two further sets of proposals were presented by SGC. The results of that consultation are still be published but a note on the Council’s website reveals that “an objection has been raised against any introduction of waiting restrictions by a non-resident of Hempton Lane”.

However, a few days prior to the opening of the second consultation, Patchway Town Council organised a public meeting for residents of Hempton Lane at which it was unanimously agreed to support ‘option 2’, subject to a number of amendments.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of Patchway Community College and the local police beat team.

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More consultation on Hempton Lane waiting restrictions

Posted on Saturday 19th November 2011 at 10:04 pm by SH (Editor)

Double yellow lines and kerb. Photo by Dominic Alves.

A public consultation has opened into the latest proposals from South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) to change the waiting restrictions in Hempton Lane.

The move follows an earlier consultation held in February 2011.

The Council says that residents have reported potential difficulties in accessing their properties and for emergency and delivery vehicles in the narrower parts of the road.

On-street parking by non-residents, such as students attending Patchway Community College and employees of local businesses, has previously been identified as the cause of the difficulties.

The Council says it received 60 individual comments during the previous consultation but there was “no overall majority view”.

The latest consultation is based on the original proposal plus two variations (options 2 & 3) – which both include more extensive double yellow lines and additional ‘limited waiting time’ restrictions.

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