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Local students tell ‘The Story of Scrap’

Posted on Sunday 20th March 2016 at 9:54 pm by SH (Editor)

Hannah Cameron at the Cameron Balloons manufacturing warehouse.

The Story of Scrap is an adventurous collaboration between students at Patchway Community College, local charity Children’s Scrapstore, Cameron Balloons (the world leader in hot air balloon manufacturing) and Coniston Primary School in Patchway.

Taking inspiration from Brandon Stanton’s renowned ‘Humans of New York’ collection, it uses images to illustrate how Children’s Scrapstore reuses manufacturing waste (scrap) for a new lease of life as children’s play resources, achieving environmental and social benefits and saving businesses disposal costs.

The project exhibits the circular economy of scrap, and the journey of materials from their manufacture, to their intended use in business, to reuse, and eventually into the Scrapstore where they are sent out to PlayPods in school playgrounds, or made available to child minders, play groups and anyone who works with children and adults in a therapeutic setting.

The aim is to enhance creative play opportunities for all children. Local artists, students and community groups also collect materials from the Scrapstore to be used for whole new creative purposes. The work will be a portfolio piece for Patchway photography student’s A-levels, and was assigned to them in the form of a brief, treating Children’s Scrapstore as a formal client. Ella Wiles of Children’s Scrapstore, who helps develop the scrap supply network, will use the project to explain to manufacturers and members of the public the eccentric role Scrapstore plays and the need that their waste fulfils.

Cameron Balloons are one of Children’s Scrapstore’s longest running suppliers, and have been donating off-cuts from their world famous hot air balloons for over 30 years. Cameron Balloons was founded in 1971 by aeronaut Donald Cameron – developer and pilot of the first modern air balloon in Western Europe – and is now managed by his daughter, Hannah. They are the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of hot air balloons, and their scrap material is a firm favourite with Scrapstore customers, so it seemed fitting that they would be the focus of the supplier’s side of ‘The Story of Scrap’.

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Coniston Primary School rated ‘good’ by Ofsted

Posted on Tuesday 21st April 2015 at 3:42 pm by SH (Editor)

Pupils at Coniston Primary School, Patchway, celebrate the school's 'good' Ofsted report.

Staff and pupils at Coniston Primary School in Patchway are celebrating after receiving a positive report from schools inspector Ofsted.

Inspectors visited the school in March and awarded an overall rating of ‘good’, with all of the five individual areas reviewed also assessed as ‘good’.

Nigel Isaac, headteacher, welcomed the report, saying:

“I am delighted to receive such a positive report. I am particularly pleased that it recognises the hard work and commitment from the whole school community over the past few years, as well as the ambition we all share to continue to improve and achieve our goal of providing the very best possible education for our children.”

The report’s summary highlights how children enjoy school, work hard in lessons and play well together in the playground, describing the school as “a happy place”. The inspection team were full of praise for the school, noting the “significant improvements” that have been made since the previous inspection in 2013.

Inspectors stated:

“Leaders, including governors, have successfully improved teaching and behaviour since the previous inspection so that both are now good. As a result, pupils are making good progress in reading, writing and mathematics and their attainment is rising quickly.”

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Primary school pupils’ Olympic-inspired book launched at Waterstones

Posted on Saturday 26th January 2013 at 12:12 pm by SH (Editor)

"Gathering of the Winds" book launch at Waterstones, Cribbs Causeway.Students at local primary schools in Patchway. Filton, Bradley Stoke and Stoke Gifford had their very own book launch in Waterstones, Cribbs Causeway this week.

The book ‘Gathering of the Winds’ was created by artists Matthew Jeanes and Martin Maudsley along with pupils from St Chad’s, Callicroft and Coniston (Patchway); Charborough Road (Filton); Holy Family, Wheatfield and Meadowbrook (Bradley Stoke); and St Michael’s (Stoke Gifford).

The book created as part of the Fusion Festival organised by Patchway Community College and funded by Arts Council England.

The stories were inspired by the Olympic Windsurfing and Sailing events in Portland and Weymouth, with the children inventing “Windy” characters, personifications of the wind, with wonderfully vivid results.

Speaking at the launch, Richard Headon, the Artistic Director for the South West Weymouth Olympic events, said:

“The Gathering of the Winds book was exactly the sort of project we hoped would be created as part of the South West region-wide Cultural Olympiad ‘Battle for the Winds’ celebration of the Olympic sailing at Weymouth and Portland in 2012.”

“Both the artists and the school children involved really embraced the theme of the gathering the winds. Martin and Matt really inspired the children to create some wonderful windy tales illustrated by some fantastic and energetic images. It was great to be able to connect local young people with such a prestigious and international event.”

The event was also attended by Headteachers and Governors of the schools involved, who agreed that they were incredibly proud of the work that had been produced and of being involved in another legacy created from the 2012 Olympics.

Photo: Book launch at the Waterstones store in Cribbs Causeway. L-R: Tom Knights (book designer), Matt Jeanes (illustrator), Geoff Howell (Chair of Governors at Patchway Community College), Martin Maudsley (writer), Sherie Humphries (Creative Agent at Patchway Community College) and Richard Headon (Artistic Director of SW Olympic events for Weymouth).

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Airbus graduates complete two-day makeover challenge

Posted on Tuesday 31st July 2012 at 4:30 pm by SH (Editor)

Airbus graduates redecorate Patchway Community Centre.

A two-day makeover challenge by 32 Airbus graduates has given a new lease of life to Patchway Community Centre and Coniston Primary School.

Graduates were at Patchway Community Centre and put to work redecorating the main and small halls as the interior had become dilapidated through many years of use. It is hoped that the smart new interior will prove a hit with current users and attract many more members of the local community to use the centre.

At Coniston Primary School graduates last week helped to restructure the school playground and playing field to create a more interactive and fun space for the school children to play in. These renovations are expected to become very popular with the children when they return from their summer holidays in September.

Both of these projects are part of an Airbus initiative to support its graduates in volunteering in the local community, whilst developing the essential key skills needed for their future careers.

Will Furmedge, Airbus Aerospace Growth Partner graduate said:

“Airbus has a great track record of actively working with the community and we are really proud to be part of this. We really hope our endeavours will prove beneficial to all ages of the local community – and the team building skills we gained will also help us in our day to day work.”

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