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Future of Patchway sheltered housing schemes secured

Posted on Wednesday 25th July 2012 at 2:33 pm by SH (Editor)

Charlton Court sheltered housing scheme, Patchway, Bristol Langdale Court sheltered housing scheme, Patchway, Bristol

The future of two sheltered housing schemes for the elderly in Patchway has been secured following months of uncertainty after they were classified “at risk” because they needed “significant investment to remain open”.

Merlin Housing Society had previously named Charlton Court and Langdale Court in a list of ten properties that might have to close, following a review of all 50 of the society’s sheltered housing schemes across South Gloucestershire.

The decision, confirmed after a meeting of the society’s board on 14th June, comes after many rounds of meetings and informal and formal consultation with residents, local Councillors and MPs.

Patchway Councillors reported in September last year that rumours of possible closure were “causing upset” amongst the residents of the two Patchway schemes and the Town Council agreed to write to Merlin and South Gloucestershire Council asking for clarification.

Merlin carried out “in-depth surveys” of the properties towards the end of 2011 but stressed at that time that “no decisions had been made”, adding that the recommendations of the review were being “thoroughly scrutinised”.

The society conducted a formal consultation on draft proposals during spring 2012, ending on 8th May.

At Charlton Court, which has 27 tenants in 25 units, 14 tenants responded to the consultation with 13 agreeing to the recommended ‘option 1’ of doing basic improvement works and revisiting in ten years.

All ten of the respondents at Langdale Court, where there are 17 tenants in 17 units, agreed with the recommended ‘option 1’ of remodelling the scheme to produce improved older people’s housing.

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Barratt Homes set to launch soon at Charlton Hayes

Posted on Saturday 30th June 2012 at 12:28 pm by SH (Editor)

The Barratt Homes development at Charlton Hayes, Patchway, Bristol.

Barratt Homes is inviting potential buyers to register their interest in new homes it plans to build at the Charlton Hayes development in Patchway.

In a deal signed in December last year,  Barratt David Wilson acquired part of the site from lead developer Bovis Homes.

The land acquired by Barratt lies in the eastern part of the Charlton Hayes site, in the angle formed by Callicroft Road and Gloucester Road. It has outline planning permission for the construction of 273 new homes, with full (reserved matters) permission recently being granted for 46 of those.

Potential buyers can register their interest now ahead of the official launch of the two, three and four-bedroom homes.

Barratt Sales Director Andrea Pilgrim said:

“From young professionals and first-time buyers to growing families, Charlton Hayes really will have something for everyone.”

“We can’t wait to show potential buyers everything on offer at this outstanding new development. Anyone interested in moving to this impressive new development should register their interest now to be invited to the launch event and receive information about available homes.”

To register, call 0844 811 1855 or visit the Charlton Hayes page on the Barratt website.

The deal to sell the land was brokered by land agents CJH Land, based in Flax Bourton.

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New plan sees 3,950 extra homes for Cribbs/Patchway area

Posted on Tuesday 13th December 2011 at 9:21 am by SH (Editor)

Cribbs/Patchway New Neighbourhood Framework Diagram (Dec 2011)

Planners at South Gloucestershire Council are proposing that an extra 3,950 homes be built in the Patchway/Cribbs Causeway area over the next 15 years, on top of existing commitments to build 2,200 homes at Charlton Hayes and 1,750 at Cribbs Causeway and on land south of Filton Airfeld.

The plans for additional homes were revealed in a revised version of the Council’s Core Strategy document, the planning blueprint for the district for the period 2012-2027, issued last week.

The new plan, produced at the insistence of a Government inspector, accepts the closure of Filton Airfield, freeing up land for housing in a new neighbourhood tentatively called “New Charlton” – on the western half of the airstrip.

Further land for housing has also been designated west of the A4018, which is combined with land on the east side of the main road to form a new “Haw Wood” neighbourhood.

Whereas the old plan foresaw 1,750 dwellings in the Cribbs Causeway and ‘south of airfield’ zones, the new plan sees 3,700 in New Charlton and 1.000 in each of Haws Wood and Cribbs Causeway – giving a net increase of 3,950.

The eastern half of the airstrip, extending to the A38 near the Royal Mail centre, will be given over to industrial use in a zone called the ‘Filton Aerospace Cluster’.

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Closure rumours “causing upset” at sheltered housing schemes

Posted on Tuesday 20th September 2011 at 12:33 pm by SH (Editor)

Charlton Court sheltered housing scheme, Patchway, Bristol Langdale Court sheltered housing scheme, Patchway, Bristol

Rumours of the possible closure of two sheltered housing schemes for the elderly in Patchway are causing upset amongst residents, say Town Councillors.

The two schemes, both located on Coniston Road, are run by Merlin Housing Society and currently provide a total of 40 accommodation units for people over the age of 50.

Langdale Court, near Patchway Roundabout, has six one bedroom flats and ten studio flats. Charlton Court, sited near the Coniston Community Centre, provides eight one bedroom flats and 16 studio flats.

Speaking at last week’s meeting of Patchway Town Council, Cllr Eve Orpen said she had attended meetings staged by Merlin at the two homes in mid-August. She reported that residents had been told: “your sheltered accommodation is not up to the standard we would like and we are looking at closing these two complexes.”

The reference to the possible closure of the schemes relates to a study carried out by ARK Housing Consultancy on behalf of Merlin, which looked into the state of the housing association’s 50 sheltered accommodation properties in South Gloucestershire. The review concluded that ten properties, including both Charlton and Langdale Courts, “would need significant investment to remain open.” [The Gazette reported on 25th August 2011]

Cllr Orpen said the ARK report had been produced in January 2011 but claimed that Merlin had been “sitting on it until now”. She added that she had spoken to the residents of both Patchway schemes and they all said they hadn’t been consulted by ARK or Merlin.

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