Appeal for information after man critically injured in Cedar Close altercation

Posted on Tuesday 25th December 2012 at 11:31 am by SH (Editor)

Police car.

Avon and Somerset Police are appealing for witnesses and information following an altercation in Patchway last night that has left a man critically ill in hospital.

At around 2:15am on Tuesday (25th December), police were called to Cedar Close. Two men had been involved in a verbal altercation that then turned physical.

A 29-year-old man remains in Frenchay hospital in a critical condition after being struck with a weapon.

Police officers and search teams are currently in the area and are likely to remain there throughout today.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed this incident, or anyone who may have any information, to come forward.

A 25-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and currently remains in police custody.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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11 Responses to “Appeal for information after man critically injured in Cedar Close altercation”

  1. SH (Editor) Says:

    Update issued by Avon and Somerset Police at 9:23pm on Wednesday 26th December 2012:

    Officers investigating a serious assault in Patchway in the early hours of Christmas Day, have today charged a 25 year old man with attempted murder.

    Matthew Bennett, from the Patchway area , was arrested on December 25, and was today charged to court.

    He’ll appear at North Avon Magistrates court on Thursday December 27.

    A 29 year old man remains in hospital in a critical condition.

  2. Happy Says:

    He comes from Southmead not patchway

  3. Dave Tiley Says:

    That doesn’t help any does it Happy. Too cruel anywhere.

    As people were saying recently about a Patchway stigma, well, here’s another downer for the area.

    Today’s Evening Post has two bad stories from here in the same issue, with an incident recorded about an assault in a local shop. Ironically enough that too involved someone from elsewhere allegedly as above, this time Little Stoke…

    But it happened here, on the ‘wrong side’ of the A38.

    People are working hard here, but incidents keep conspiring against that.

    Outside of this trivia, I wish all the families affected by said incidents well, and hope those injured can make a full recovery.

  4. SH (Editor) Says:

    The Bristol Post has today named the victim as John Houghton.

    Victim of Christmas Day attack John Houghton in coma

  5. Happy Says:

    Most of these attacks are done by people from outside of the area and its giving Patchway a lot of bad press ,nothing to do with the A38 Dave that’s just your little gripe isn’t it .
    Doesn’t matter where you live it’s the people not the place as someone once said that give a place a bad name .
    Not sure what can be done about it to stop these sort of people from coming into Patchway and doing these sort of things again .

  6. Dave Tiley Says:


    it would be undignified and disrespectful of me to comment further on this, i said what i needed to yesterday, no more. As usual i don’t know what you are getting at, and while people are lying in comas i think i’ve said enough.

  7. Happy Says:

    I’m getting at the fact that people have been slating Patchway off about a lot of things lately not just this last attack but anything to do with the place and most of the time they don’t live here .Dave I’m not talking about this dreadful attack on Christmas Day I’m talking about all the rest of the problems we have had in the last few years

  8. Dave Tiley Says:

    Maybe we are saying the same thing Happy, but in different ways. I’ll leave it at that, peace.

  9. Happy Says:

    Ok Dave let’s ,I do hope you had a nice Christmas .
    Will chat again to you in the new year on many issues I hope .

  10. Dave Tiley Says:

    I’m sure we will! Happy New Year to you, and to all when it comes around.

  11. SH (Editor) Says:

    The Bristol Post reports that Matthew Bennett, 25, of Cranbourne Road, has appeared at Bristol Crown Court charged with attempted murder on Christmas Day.

    He was remanded in custody pending a trial that is expected to start in June.

    Man charged with attempted murder on Christmas Day

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