Patchway College teachers’ video is internet hit

Posted on Wednesday 19th December 2012 at 9:47 am by Jack Turner

Patchway Community College, Patchway, Bristol.

Staff at Patchway Community College gave students an early Christmas present by recording their own version of the dance craze ‘Gangnam Style‘.

The video, which has been uploaded to YouTube, received over 3,000 views in the first weekend of it being online. Within three hours of being uploaded on Friday 14th December, the video had reviewed over 300 views!

The teachers’ version of PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ was made possible by two members of staff, Miss Haines and Miss Humphreys, and was edited by Year 13 student Jessica Viner. Their aim is to reach 10,000 views on YouTube by the time that Christmas comes around.

The video features many of the secondary school’s staff and even the head teacher, Mrs Millicent, was recorded dancing along to the latest pop music craze.

It’s the second time staff have given students a video as a Christmas present, after recording their own version of Band Aid’s ‘Do they know it’s Christmas time’. Last year’s video received over 3,000 views on YouTube.

Please help the staff of Patchway Community College to get to their target of 10,000 views by visiting the link below.

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One Response to “Patchway College teachers’ video is internet hit”

  1. Happy Says:

    Brilliant from all involved well done great bit of fun for all

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