Patchway College student hits national headlines with Daily Mail dress design

Posted on Monday 6th August 2012 at 12:58 pm by SH (Editor)

Daily Mail dress designed by Patchway Community College student Chloe Wright.

An aspiring fashion student at Patchway Community College has hit the national headlines after designing a dress made from old copies of the Daily Mail.

Chloe Wright produced the dress as part of her A-level textiles exam, which asked pupils to create a dress from recycled materials.

Fortunately, her grandfather had stored enough Mails to help her out after she got the idea on a trip to Paris.

Chloe, 18, who lives in Paddock Close, Bradley Stoke, said she was inspired by Parisian architecture and Dior’s recent collection:

“It used lots of black and white and I was thinking about what could be recycled in those colours, which brought me to newspapers.”

Chloe then asked her 14-year-old sister, Charlotte, to model her creation (shown above).

Her tutors at Patchway Community College were so impressed that they have predicted she will gain an A* grade. Hopefully it means she will achieve her dream of going to Falmouth University to study fashion design, for which she has a conditional offer.

“Until last year I’d wanted to be a beautician. I’d always thought that university was for traditionally academic or ‘clever’ people, I never really thought I could go.”

“I’m now really excited about what the future holds and after university I hope that I could go on to be a fashion designer one day.”

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