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Airbus graduates complete two-day makeover challenge

Posted on Tuesday 31st July 2012 at 4:30 pm by SH (Editor)

Airbus graduates redecorate Patchway Community Centre.

A two-day makeover challenge by 32 Airbus graduates has given a new lease of life to Patchway Community Centre and Coniston Primary School.

Graduates were at Patchway Community Centre and put to work redecorating the main and small halls as the interior had become dilapidated through many years of use. It is hoped that the smart new interior will prove a hit with current users and attract many more members of the local community to use the centre.

At Coniston Primary School graduates last week helped to restructure the school playground and playing field to create a more interactive and fun space for the school children to play in. These renovations are expected to become very popular with the children when they return from their summer holidays in September.

Both of these projects are part of an Airbus initiative to support its graduates in volunteering in the local community, whilst developing the essential key skills needed for their future careers.

Will Furmedge, Airbus Aerospace Growth Partner graduate said:

“Airbus has a great track record of actively working with the community and we are really proud to be part of this. We really hope our endeavours will prove beneficial to all ages of the local community – and the team building skills we gained will also help us in our day to day work.”

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Patchway Festival 2012 – in pictures

Posted on Monday 30th July 2012 at 6:57 pm by SH (Editor)

Patchway Festival 2012 - parade from Consiton Parade to Scott Park.

The 2012 edition of Patchway’s annual Festival drew to a close last weekend after a fortnight-long programme of events that began with the Fusion Festival at Patchway Community College on Friday 13th July and ended with a quiz night at the Royal British Legion club on Sunday 29th July.

Appropriately for the year in which the Olympics returned to the UK for the first time since 1948, the theme of this year’s festival was ‘sport & fitness’.

Once again, the principal event was the Community Fair held on Saturday 14th July in Scott Park, preceded by the traditional parade of local school children and majorettes from Coniston Parade to the park.

Attractions at the Community Fair included a flag-waving display from the South West Winterguard Academy, cheerleading from the Blue Flames and street dancing from Fahrenheit.

A total of 81 events were listed in the festival programme, including ballroom dancing, boxing, film shows and football fitness – to name but a few.

A popular event on the final weekend was the annual Patchway Garden & Flower Show held at the Community Centre in Rodway Road.

Take a look at The Journal’s photos on PicasaWeb:

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Future of Patchway sheltered housing schemes secured

Posted on Wednesday 25th July 2012 at 2:33 pm by SH (Editor)

Charlton Court sheltered housing scheme, Patchway, Bristol Langdale Court sheltered housing scheme, Patchway, Bristol

The future of two sheltered housing schemes for the elderly in Patchway has been secured following months of uncertainty after they were classified “at risk” because they needed “significant investment to remain open”.

Merlin Housing Society had previously named Charlton Court and Langdale Court in a list of ten properties that might have to close, following a review of all 50 of the society’s sheltered housing schemes across South Gloucestershire.

The decision, confirmed after a meeting of the society’s board on 14th June, comes after many rounds of meetings and informal and formal consultation with residents, local Councillors and MPs.

Patchway Councillors reported in September last year that rumours of possible closure were “causing upset” amongst the residents of the two Patchway schemes and the Town Council agreed to write to Merlin and South Gloucestershire Council asking for clarification.

Merlin carried out “in-depth surveys” of the properties towards the end of 2011 but stressed at that time that “no decisions had been made”, adding that the recommendations of the review were being “thoroughly scrutinised”.

The society conducted a formal consultation on draft proposals during spring 2012, ending on 8th May.

At Charlton Court, which has 27 tenants in 25 units, 14 tenants responded to the consultation with 13 agreeing to the recommended ‘option 1’ of doing basic improvement works and revisiting in ten years.

All ten of the respondents at Langdale Court, where there are 17 tenants in 17 units, agreed with the recommended ‘option 1’ of remodelling the scheme to produce improved older people’s housing.

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Highwood Road petitioners ignored at Full Council

Posted on Friday 20th July 2012 at 12:10 am by SH (Editor)

Demonstration against the impending closure of Highwood Road.

A petition calling on South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) to amend its long-term plan to convert Patchway’s Highwood Road into a bus and cycle-only route and instead allow access to general traffic has been rejected at a meeting of Full Council.

The decision confirms the outcome of a debate at last month’s meeting of the Council’s Planning, Transport & Strategic Environment (PTSE) Committee, where the only concession to the petitioners was a promise to review the scheme after 18-months of operation.

Voting at the Full Council meeting split along party lines, after the Conservative Group had condemned the petitioners’ demands as a “cynical” political stunt.

Two Conservative Patchway District Councillors who had earlier put their names to the petition voted against it at the meeting. They were Cllrs Brian Hopkinson and Sarah Pomfret, both representing Stoke Lodge and Bradley Stoke Central.

The Liberal Democrat Group successfully put forward a motion to additionally allow the new bus lanes to be used by taxis.

Lead petitioner Chris Mills told The Journal:

“After receiving a petition from over 4,100 residents asking for the ten-year-old plan to close Highwood Road to be reversed and one lane to be kept open as a 20 mph road, the leading Tory party dismissed the petition and called it a political stunt, and chose to ignore a large number SGC residents. SGC councillors voted to close Highwood Road to cars and motorcycles for an 18 month trial period.”

“Patchway has in the past been let down by its former Lib Dems district Councillors, Dando, Graupner and Woodley who all supported closing Highwood Road. We were again let down by the Lib Dems at SGC, as they not only sided with the Tories and voted down a proposal to open the road to cars, but concerned with the extra costs that taxis would incur amended the proposal to allow taxis to also use Highwood Road. Unfortunately, Patchway was also let down by its two Tory Councillors from Stoke Lodge, who voted to close Highwood Road – even after signing the petition.”

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