Recycling inspires St Chad’s School artwork

Posted on Saturday 22nd October 2011 at 11:58 am by SH (Editor)

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Children at St Chad’s Primary School in Stoke Lodge, Patchway, have created a new piece of sculpture that will be installed in the school’s garden.

Recycled materials such as rolling pins and milk bottle tops have been used to create the artwork.

Artist Peter Margerum worked with the whole school during the week and helped the youngsters transform the materials into a huge sculpture.

The project was organised by school art coordinator Rachel Sayce, who told the Bristol Evening Post:

“There are trees made from all different pieces of wood, such as rolling pins and blocks, and then the children are also making insects, fruits and flowers from different coloured milk bottle tops, coloured paper and other things they have brought in. The idea is that it will go outside and the children will always be able to see it.”

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